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  1. They really want you to be yourself! Just be honest and it'll all work out Good luck!!!
  2. For those of you who applied to Adelphi University, I spoke with an admissions counselor and she stated that first round is under review and we should receive a notice in the mail in 1-2 weeks (probably 2 weeks)!
  3. My advice to you would be to pursue a speech language hearing science degree, make all A's in those classes, and STAND OUT to your professors to get stellar letters of recommendations. Nobody is perfect and it's not too late to turn your grades around. I've even seen in some applications where you can include an explanation for why your grades were poor. Also, study as EARLY as possible for the GRE. Sometimes really low GPA's, but high GRE scores can save you. Get involved as much as you can: research, volunteering, observations, etc. Whatever you can do to add to your resume! Hope this helps
  4. Which programs are you applying to? I applied to LIU post, Hofstra, SUNY Buffalo, Sacred Heart, St. Rose, Mercy, Molloy, St. John's, Adelphi, and SUNY New Paltz Where are you from? Long Island, NY What are your concerns? My GRE scores are not competitive: V:145 Q:144 AW: 4.5 and my overall GPA is a 3.76. I also have my BA in Psychology with a minor in CSD Experience: Undergraduate research in a language and literacy lab for 3 years, observing my sister who is a practicing SLP, and currently work in a preschool doing ABA and in a self-contained classroom every day. I
  5. I interviewed here last year. We interviewed with 3 different faculty. They start off by asking you to tell them a little about yourself. Questions they asked were how we deal with conflict or stressful situations. I can't really remember fully every question, but a lot of hands on questions. Good luck! PS everyone was super friendly and it made the interview process go by smoothly.
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