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It's so quiet, I hear...


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... the snow falling

(Thanks for the idea, Jules M!)


. . The low buzz of the fridge here at work.

. . Literally, a cricket (only chirped once, but still!)

. . When I refresh the Results page, my own pulse in my right ear. So strange.

. . My phone not ringing.

Okay, I'll stop :D

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...the glass of JulesM's iphone cracking. (So sorry for you -- I hate it when that happens.sad.gif )


The sounds of money flowing from our checking account into Apple's coffers. Stupid ol' iphone that I've become so used to having for business/personal maps music funny youtube and coffee place finding!!

And then again, how does one compare silly tragedy like reliance on expensive technology when compared to seriousness of Chile.

(Okay, and if I hear one more television news person call it Chill-y and not Chee-lay, I may really lose it.)

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