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Is is really that much important the reputation of the university? 
I have been accepted to the MALS Dartmouth, Queen's MA in Political Legal Philosophy, St. Andrews MLitt in Legal and Constitutional Studies and Sherbrooke University for the Master of Laws (LLM). 

So far, the advices I have received are really to go with the prestigious school - Dartmouth, Queen's St. Andrews and to not keep Sherbrooke University. However, I do believe there is a value in their degree -- LLM. It is normally quite impossible to enter in that degree without a prior law degree so I have to say that despite their lower reputation, I felt it was quite attractive to have this chance to study law at the graduate level. More particularly, if I had the chance to pursue a doctorate in law, I believe this program would be my only chance to pursue legal research or teach law later on. 

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For law, isn't a JD the most reputable degree? I mean, I'm not sure because I'm not in law, but that is what I think of first. 

I'm not very knowledgeable about the law field other than knowing that law as a career is tracked. So for a potential law career, it may bring more future success to gain acceptance into a more reputable, prestigious school. Success all depends on how hard you work, but I have heard it often said that to have a better career trajectory you need to go to a reputable school. Reach out to a mentor or a lawyer friend for advice if that is the career you want to go for! 

As for Dartmouth, it is an ivy. But is it worth it for a liberal arts degree? For me personally, probably not. 

I think it just comes down to what you are willing to invest in. For some people, it is not so important because of the debt they will incur. For others, the debt and experience are worth it; they will do whatever it takes to manage it because it is a worthy investment for their future. 

Those are my two cents, anyway. 

Take care and hope you figure it out soon, legallyblonde! I love your username, btw haha. 


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1. What do you want to do?

2. Does program x place students into positions doing what you want to do?

3. Go to the program that does (2) most successfully

People so often forget that graduate school is a means to an end, not the end itself. Either prestige or reputation are only meaningful insofar as they help you get the outcome you want. Getting the world's most prestigious history degree won't help you if you want to be a physicist.

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