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  1. I agree with everyone on this thread. Talk to a therapist. See a doctor to manage your medications. On a practical level, if you find it bearable to see a therapist and keep attending class, therapists can also help to provide coaching for your social anxiety and how to cope with the demands of your academic classes. You may need to go more than once a week. Best of luck.
  2. Hi newjerseyslp, I'm assuming that at the time you were deciding where to go for school, you decided to attend this school for SLP because of x, y, z reasons - reasons that were logical and reasons that you were excited about. I think that you may have to have more of an expectation management mindset. Especially if you are coming from an experience that you loved (the undergraduate program), it is inevitable that any other following experience that doesn't consistently match up will be a disappointment. And even if it is not a disappointment, the fact of the matter is that change a
  3. For law, isn't a JD the most reputable degree? I mean, I'm not sure because I'm not in law, but that is what I think of first. I'm not very knowledgeable about the law field other than knowing that law as a career is tracked. So for a potential law career, it may bring more future success to gain acceptance into a more reputable, prestigious school. Success all depends on how hard you work, but I have heard it often said that to have a better career trajectory you need to go to a reputable school. Reach out to a mentor or a lawyer friend for advice if that is the career you want to go fo
  4. Hi Anxious art historian, You are suffering from what I know intimately as "The Paradox of Getting Many Good Things" - a condition I made up and a name that is nonsense but something that does happen often... at least to me. You started out in your post that you've had amazing luck with your acceptance. Congratulations! You truly seem like an amazing individual, capable of amazing things. But before you can conquer graduate school and your phD program, first, you have to figure out all the logistics of school, finances, etc. etc. ETC. Yes, these are all stressful decisions. Yes, th
  5. Stealth95, this sounds like a complicated situation. While you are by no means expected to disclose personal information on the internet, I feel that having more details would make it more clear about the wisest way you should proceed. I advise that you talk to a parent, friend, relative, therapist, or anyone you trust with more transparency and see what they say. From my point of view, honestly, I think you are blaming a program when the lack of motivation is stemming from inside you. For whatever reason, you are in a negative headspace regarding your decision. It seems as if you are pla
  6. Dear TrishaK, Don't apply to OT school. It is way too costly if you do not want to go. Just be honest and tell your parents that you are deciding to go in a different direction with your career. And make sure to tell them how excited you are about research! But also, psychology and getting a phD is extremely competitive. It may be funded but it can also be expensive since you will have to live without income for years. Don't glamorize the dream of being a phD and doing research just because you are in a place of uncertainty with what you thought was certain. So cool that you want to
  7. HI EVERYONE. I have three years of special education teaching experience and I'm interested in entering counseling as a profession later on and work with children and families in lower income neighborhoods and at-risk populations. I recently found Harvard's PSP program and I am intrigued -- would love to hear more about it from students, admitted prospective students, or other potential applicants. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW: your credentials - GRE score, degrees, life experiences, hobbies, leadership roles, whatever you think got you admitted, or what you are currently
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