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Who all are waiting for CS PhD Decisions?

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I got accepted to U Wisconsin-Madison but they don't offer guaranteed funding for me, and the POI at UWM said that he has just come back from the industry so all his grants are gone.

The PhD program on PennState is not in Computer Science, but in Information Science and Technology (It belongs to the iSchool system (I haven't taken a thorough look into this)), and my professor at PennState tells me that the PhD program there is small.

I weight UWM > USC > UCI > PennState. Correct me if I am wrong.

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Whats going on with U Penn, I see they sent admits and rejections, but I personally heard nothing yet.

I am currently losing my mind and my high pressure job as a developer ain't helping either. Does everyone feel this way? I mean its only January and am paranoid, don't know what will happen in the fut

Yes! I have one more application to submit, and I've yet to hear back from anywhere (it's still a little too early). I'm going crazy waiting, though. Doesn't help that CS people seem to be underrepres

I saw there was a burst of admits from Indiana yesterday, and a lot of international students got accepted with guaranteed funding for four years. Is that it? They won't accept anyone else? If anyone has any idea please let me know.

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@phd13: Its a school relatively small in size but with a heavy emphasis on research. And because of its size, its very competitive as well and is quite picky about whom they admit. And the most of the professors there, at least in my field, are world renowned researchers, so working under them should be fun!


Overall, a very good school with a great PhD Program and a great record of graduate PhD students! Congrats and good luck! :)

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