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What are you listening to?


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Let's start another game other than "keep a word, drop a word".


I often listening to music when I am on my laptop, so if you are also listening to music then post whatever you are listening to, or just discuss music in general. Hopefully you can discover some new music to listen to and pass the time while you wait for those emails/phone calls from grad schools!


I'll start us off!


by The Republic Tigers



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Hah...I have quite eclectic tastes and have a little bit of a lot.


Currently listening to "Run to you (Swing)" by LED Apple, a Kpop (Korean Pop) band.

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My Pandora is just kind of permanently on a mix station I created of a few artists - A Fine Frenzy, Adele, Missy Higgins, Christina Perri, and Ed Sheeran.  It has been the perfect mellow backdrop for filling out applications.  Lol. 

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I still have my "exercise" playlist on, because it only has up-tempo stuff from a really wide variety of genres. I cannot handle slow, maudlin songs just now, no matter how pretty they are. It is currently playing AWOLnation - Guilty Filthy Soul for me, and just got done with Melanie - Brand New Key.

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Haha twinsies. Also

by the Low Anthem. Both are courtesy of my 'stop freaking the f*ck out and focus on your readings' playlist. 


Wow, what a conincidence!



by The Decemberists.
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