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Forum Stats for Dec '12


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Hi Guys!


Well.  Hard to believe it's almost been 7 years of the Gradcafe .... (Feb 2006 is its anniversary as best I remember).  Anyway, here's the stats for Dec '12.  Thanks for all contributors.


Top 10 Posters

  1. DontHate 272
  2. asleepawake 123
  3. girl who wears glasses 123
  4. rems 116
  5. econosocio 104
  6. DarwinAG 87
  7. bamafan 86
  8. Eigen 77
  9. waparys 75
  10. PhDreams 75

Congrats DontHate! As always great to see new names (and some old faithfuls = dedicated Mods )

By the number(s)

In total there were 7,270 posts made this month (5,616 in Dec 2011). There were 307,552 visits, 159,950 Unique Visitors and 1.2M pageviews to the forum.

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Wow, the lit people really dominated the forums last month: the top four posters are all from the Literature, and Rhetoric and Composition Forums.

Number 9, too! Not entirely sure how I feel about this...

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