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I would like this to be a forum for you as an applicant, current student, or alumni of any Boston speech-language pathology programs to post your insight, experience, knowledge or advice comparing the schools. I know I am not the only one who applied to more than one school in the Boston area so I would like help on choosing which one to attend! (I have been accepted to MGH and Northeastern) but this can be for all 4 programs! Some questions include..

Why did you choose X program

What kind of training / orientation is there prior to beginning clinic?

How are clients paired with students?

Do we decide on clinical placement site?

Surviving without car?

How are classes/workload? challenging but possible?

Work life balance? Can you still enjoy boston?

Describe typical day??

Do you feel comfortable with supervisors? Asking for help?

Classmate interaction?  

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I was only wait listed at MGH but I have a close friend who attends there. I spent a lot of time with him and chatted with his therapy partner about their experiences at MGH. I asked them a lot of the same questions so some of the information they told me may be helpful!

Why did you choose X program

I know my friend chose MGH because he liked the options of choosing a track and he felt the name would help him get a medical SLP job. He received a scholarship, but he was still taken aback by the costs. Now that he's attending, he said he gets mad sometimes at how expensive it is for what he is getting, but then he reminds himself that there are so many great things about the program and that he would find things he didn't love in any program.

What kind of training / orientation is there prior to beginning clinic? How are clients paired with students?

I just know that you start clinic right away at MGH. Clinics are done with a "dyad" partner, so you share the same client. I think they said that you take turns observing/note-taking and conducting the session... but I'm not 100% sure.

Surviving without car?

He lives in Dorchester and does not have a car (he says this is the 'ghetto,' fyi...). His commute is 1 hour, and it does involve a bit of walking. He doesn't have a problem with it at all and said he was glad he sold his car. Parking fees are expensive in Boston! And the transit system is so great. (If you are from there, excuse the useless info!)

How are classes/workload? Challenging but possible?

He actually finds grad school to be totally fine. He said he is busy, but he is not stressed at all. I have heard other stories of students being completely busy and stressed in SLP programs, so it could just be him! He is a first year.

Do you feel comfortable with supervisors? Asking for help? Classmate interaction?  

He said everyone--faculty and students--are super nice and he feels very supported. He reminded me that once you're in, faculty really wants you to succeed (which makes a lot of sense... they want to show that they are releasing well-rounded clinicians with 100% employment/Praxis passing/etc rates).


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I will add that not having a car in Boston seems more realistic day-to-day,) but once you start with your externships you'll kick yourself  if you do not have a car...you'll need to find another way to get there- Uber, public transit (could be 2+hrs each way depending), zipcar...which could be way more expensive & time consuming.  My advice: no car year 1, defintely have access to a car year 2.


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