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  1. Hello, I would like this to be a forum for you as an applicant, current student, or alumni of any Boston speech-language pathology programs to post your insight, experience, knowledge or advice comparing the schools. I know I am not the only one who applied to more than one school in the Boston area so I would like help on choosing which one to attend! (I have been accepted to MGH and Northeastern) but this can be for all 4 programs! Some questions include.. Why did you choose X program What kind of training / orientation is there prior to beginning clinic? How are clients paired with students? Do we decide on clinical placement site? Surviving without car? How are classes/workload? challenging but possible? Work life balance? Can you still enjoy boston? Describe typical day?? Do you feel comfortable with supervisors? Asking for help? Classmate interaction?
  2. Current undergrad at LSU, speaking on what I have seen/ heard being close to this program. We have similar professors in undergrad that also teach in grad school, also alot of our classes are in same building.....LSU BR has a good program! There is a mix of Phd and MA/MS professors and clinical supervisors. They all seem to be hands on and friendly. Class size is usually about 30. Our clinic is nice with lots of small rooms all with cameras for supervisors to watch, nice grad student breakroom. Phd's want students who are interested in research and possibly writing a thesis. Good balance of adult and pediatric clients. The department is in the basement of a building though, so no windows or amazing view- but the LSU campus is beautiful. Baton Rouge is not the most fun city, it has things going on but not as many cool restaurants or things to do as compared to somewhere like New Orleans, Houston etc. This is a big reason why I don't want to go hear for grad school bc I need something different/ want a big city. Don't know too much about clinical placements but there are different opportunities in the city..being the only program in BR there is alot to choose from. IMO the program lacks diversity but is something they are trying to get better at (not sure if this matters to you) In terms of funding, a great thing about LSU is that you can get a graduate assitantship in any department on campus pretty much! So you don't have to be a GA in the comd department, you could be in the office of admissions, career center, college of Ag whatever. This typically pays for tuition or gets an instate waiver - only catch is its 20 hrs work a week. Contact department about other scholarships/ tuition waivers, they like out of state students!!
  3. Sorry to hear that. In my mind "low" GRE = 296-299. I should've been more specific! This is very low compared to the majority of schools in the country who atleast want 50th-55 percentile
  4. LSU BR released their letters March 13, they typically accept 50/50 current undergrads and outsiders. LSUHSC also has released their acceptances, they accept low GRE
  5. Hey I'm from the south as well but I booked my flight right after the acceptance because MGH gave me a good scholarship - so I really could be going here. I don't think it looks bad at all - you're already accepted so it doesn't matter lol. I can post things I learn in here after the reception! I'm excited to learn more about it and get a feel for their campus/ the charlestown neighborhood
  6. Hello, I was accepted into the Northeastern cohort for fall 2017 and I have received other acceptances as well - one to MGH Institute of Health Professions also in Boston; I was wondering if you could talk about why you chose Northeastern and how your experience has been there this year?? Anything will be helpful
  7. Emerson College in Boston says that interview e-mails are sent out in waves! There is still hope!
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