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Which public policy schools are known to give significant scholarship/aid amounts to int. students?

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Hi guys,

I'm from Pakistan and am interested in pursuing a graduate policy degree abroad. 

Can you guys share a list of universities which are known to either give significant amount of scholarship/aid or have inexpensive base tuition rates, specifically for international students? 

Include universities from all over the world, but please do mention universities in the US as well.

Also, is HKS known for giving aid/scholarship for its MPP program? And if so, how much? 



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From my limited understanding, HKS is not that hard to get into (big class size) but gives very little aid. Princeton's WWS is one of the hardest to get into (small classes) but a majority of students get some aid.

I would also like to mention Syracuse Maxwell's. I did not have a spectacular resume by any means but they offered me 80% tuition aid if I worked as a research assistant (win-win for me).

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HKS has in recent years increased their standards for admission. It's hard to get into compared to other policy programs (I believe the acceptance rate is around 15-20%), but they're known for being stingy with scholarships. WWS is the hardest to get accepted to (I believe it's around 8-10%), but it's by far the most generous program for giving out scholarships. Their scholarships are entirely need-based, with around 80% getting full tuition plus stipend and around 90% getting full tuition. We can't recommend schools without knowing what your goals are, but the cheapest base tuition ones will likely be state schools. However, even low tuition plus cost of living can add up to a lot of money for a degree that may not be as helpful as you're thinking.

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LBJ at UT-Austin has the lowest tuition I've seen out of any of the best schools (almost half of what other schools charge).  Don't now how much money they give out, but even with generous offers from other schools, going to LBJ at full price was still one of my cheapest options.  Other schools I got a significant amount of money from: Duke-Sanford, Maryland, American and Chicago-Harris.

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