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On 4/26/2018 at 4:28 PM, PumpkinKitty said:

This is why Columbia was never even on my radar and why many excellent students don't apply there.....I find the lack of diversity unappealing...I often find I'm not impressed with the work of many of their graduates

I disagree with this. A lot of exceptionally talented people apply there. The work at the auditions was very impressive and many of the people who were there got accepted into what are considered the best MFA programs. The faculty is also outstanding. It's also becoming much more diverse gradually, and they have obviously taken steps to make their directing, playwriting, and acting classes more diverse.

I also think the skills of their graduates are on par with any grad school. Grad school is what you make of it, rather than what the program makes you.

But we can definitely agree that expensive MFA programs need to work harder to provide funding for the many talented working class artists, otherwise the school will only cater to the elite and put middle class artists in lifelong debt which challenges the motivation to create art.



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