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Well, this process has been utterly insane, but this morning I officially accepted at Brown University. I definitely did not anticipate this result. I walked into my callback last weekend 95% cer

Hey, gang! My application journey has finally reached the end--I've just accepted a spot at Boston University!  I'm still technically waiting for responses from two other schools where I had fina

@E. Karenina — if it helps, getting a few interviews and then being rejected from grad school during my first year that I applied was the best thing that ever happened to me. At the time, it felt awfu

17 hours ago, Theater Maker said:

Just got the first round interview request from CMU, I know a lot of folks got it already.  Heading to New Haven on Thursday.  Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Yale interviews, its been helpful to hear about the types of questions they ask.

@Theater Maker when did you receive your request from CMU? I haven't received mine but I thought they interviewed everyone first round? Maybe they've changed that... Hmm... 

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@E. Karenina Will you let me know when you hear back from UCSD? I applied for Stage Management, so I know it's not the exact same, but I think both application deadlines were 1/9. I'm dying to hear back for an interview. I think they are my #1 school at the moment. Open to having my mind changed. But nonetheless, very impatient waiting to get an interview time. Columbia gave me a false sense of reality. Applications were due 1/4, and I had an email confirming I would interview on 1/11......  sigh.

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On 1/22/2018 at 1:29 PM, MadamDirector said:

2. Valerie Curtis-Newton is amazing, and if she wanted to adopt me I would be 100% on board.

@MadamDirector, the ONLY reason I'm not applying to UW is that I've been living in Seattle 5-6 years already and am trying to move out to the East Coast to be nearer my family. Val is an INCREDIBLE teacher, and some of the most valuable advice I've ever received has been from her. She holds back no punches.

Had my CMU interview with Caden today. I felt really prepped for it, even though Skype is atrocious.

Still haven't heard anything from UCSD and Northwestern, but those are the only two I'm waiting to hear from.

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@Squidpunk I found her so inspiring just in a 25 minute interview, I can hardly imagine spending three whole years with her. Just wow. If dreams come true and I get accepted, I'll have to hit you up for some advice one West Coast living. 

Congrats on a solid CMU interview! 

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16 hours ago, Theater Maker said:

Just finished the Yale interview. Had CMU yesterday. Completely opposite experiences in so many ways. Hope everyone else’s interviews went well.

Care to elaborate?

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@E. Karenina

Also got a CMU rejection email. I thought I actually nailed this interview, but they're looking for really specific candidates, and Caden seems kind of like a piece of work, so I'm not particularly upset.

I got a 2nd round interview with Northwestern -- they emailed this morning.

I'm going to NY for my 2nd round with Columbia this weekend - anyone here going to be there? I am excruciatingly nervous.

Nothing but tumbleweeds from UCSD...

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2 hours ago, E. Karenina said:

Anyone have any updates? We've been awfully quiet on here...waiting is brutal!

Nope... waiting to find out if I make it to Round 2 for either Yale or UWashington, and waiting to hear anything at all from the other four (BU, UMass, Northwestern er, and UT Austin). 

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