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Directing MFA for 2018 - Let's connect


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Holy updates, Batman! Since I posted this morning, I've been contacted by BU and UW letting me know that I'm a finalist! I am a giant ball of nerves and excitement. 

@Squidpunk congrats on Northwestern and Columbia! A Chicago meetup would be awesome! Side note, I'm so excited to meet Val in person it's absolutely ridiculous  

@Hamidoo @per4mance @Theater Maker Congrats on all the interviews! 

Anyone going to be in Boston on Feb 12 or Seattle around the last weekend of the month? 

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@MadamDirector I'm in tech the last weekend of the month, but I am super hooked up to the Seattle theater scene here and would love to meet up and totally give you the deets! I'm just dramaturging, so I'll have some flexibility! Could potentially introduce you to some folks. LMK

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I dropped my application to Brooklyn College off in person today because I live locally. Afterward, I went to the theater and asked the box office manager if I could check out the space and he gave me a tour! It's a pretty cool space and they are in the process of building a new facility. 

This is where I'm at:

Yale: rejected

Columbia: invited to the audition day

Northwestern: nothing (though it sounds like they reached out to people today so I'm assuming I'm rejected)

UCSD: nothing

UT Austen: nothing

Brooklyn College: submitted my application in the nick of time!



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OMG @Theater Maker I didn't see that you got a callback from CMU! Congrats!!! Also @per4mance congrats on your CalArts callback and @E. Karenina and @MadamDirector congrats on your UMass callbacks! Yay so much success in one thread!

@Curio, I'll see you this weekend at Columbia! AAAh. You're gonna kill it. I'll be the person with the teal hair and red converses -- say hi!

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I hope the Columbia weekend went amazing. Good luck at the Brown interviews @per4mance, I didn't apply there this year. 

I just got an email from UT Austin setting up a 15 min interview.  I'm excited but the waiting game is really getting to me. I'm assuming Northwestern is a no at this point so right now I'm waiting to hear about UCSD (radio silence so far) and Yale's 2nd round.

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Whew! The Columbia audition was exhausting but a total blast. I feel really confident with the work I did. If I don’t get in, then it truly wasn’t meant to be. 

Yale: just got a call on Friday for an audition the weekend of the 17th/18th. They said they’d potentially be calling folks through tomorrow.

UCSD: I emailed the contact today and she said interview requests went out last week, so I’m guessing that’s a no. I thought UCSD and CMU were my strongest applications so it’s interesting to see that those are both no’s, whereas schools I thought were reaches are offering me interviews.

I’ve now heard from all my schools, and am gearing up for my Brown interview this Friday in SF, Northwestern next Thursday, and Yale next Sunday. I need sleeeeep.

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So excited for everyone with all these interview calls! 

I'm thinking it's probably safe for me to assume that zero contact means it's a "no" from UT Austin, Northwestern, and Round 2 at Yale. Bummer, but life goes on. 

Now I just have to open a show this Friday, fly to Massachusetts on Saturday for BU and UMass, and then plan a trip to a Seattle for UW at the end of the month. Sleep? I vaguely remember that...

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Oh my gosh @Squidpunk congratulations! That is really incredible, I will be really into picking your brain about how it went (if you're into that) hopefully for next year because....

I have also not heard anything about the second round from Yale. I see you @MadamDirector, best of luck with this month, you're killing it girl!

Which means I am out for this season. (I only applied to one school because of a show I was opening in December). I'm looking to go full force next year, so until then, break legs everyone I wish you the best!

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Congrats everyone!

Sorry for the long absence, I've been lurking and following this thread, but realized I haven't posted anything since November!!

@Squidpunk that's awesome! Were you there the whole weekend at Columbia/ did you get a chance to see any student shows? I was there by chance seeing a show my friend wrote and directed as part of the playwriting MFA.

I touched on this before, but I'm only applying to UK schools so the process has been a bit different for me, but it's so cool so see the differences and similarities in both applications and interviews!

I've been offered places at 3 of my schools, and was just invited to interview at another which has held the 'top' spot in my brain for the better part of a year and a half, and the interview's later this month, so I'll be spending all my time off preparing as it's rather intense! I think it's kinda like the Yale interview, as it takes place over an entire weekend. I'm so excited :)

Fingers crossed for everyone! 

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Interview with Brown went well I think! Kinda got really excited after it. 

For those interested, he said that we'll know if we make it to the final round by February 15th. They're narrowing it down to 6 for a callback in Providence March 9-11th. 


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@Eccyclema thanks so much! Sorry you're out for this year, but you're going to be so super prepared to attack it next year. 

@Squidpunk that's awesome you had such a great Columbia weekend! Best of luck with all the others coming up. 

@forestofarden that's amazing news! Hope it's good news from your top choice school, too! 

@per4mance congrats on your Brown interview! Fingers crossed for you!


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@forestofarden -- good luck with your top school! We didn't get the chance to do anything during the Columbia weekend except hustle hustle hustle. We were all terribly burnt out by the end of it.

Just heading back from SF for the Brown interview. I was surprised there were only 3 people there! Last time I interviewed with Brown in SF (2 years ago), there were about 14 people at that group interview. I wonder if they got fewer submissions or just fewer people who were interested. Either way, sending good vibes your way @per4mance!

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