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Hello, dear fellow aspirants of East Asian studies!

I focus on Japanese pre-modern literature, have applied for PhD (a number of them, naturally) and am already freaking out (perhaps too early). So I kind of hope that it's easier to survive it among people rather than suffer alone. :-)

Congratulations to the happy people who already got some good news!

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Sounds great @Riby We wish you luck with your apps:D As others have said, it's great to have a future Korean scholar join us! I too hope I can find a good excuse to start studying Korean once I'm back in school too.

Welcome to @ystlum_chwilfrydig as well! Nice to meet you. I'm excited to see someone else interested in premodern Japanese studies! I'm planning on studying premodern history/religion myself.

I hope more EALC-enthusiasts will come out of the woodwork in the next few weeks and months. If anyone is out there lurking, don't be shy!!

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@NaitoBaron my current project is on repetitive tropes in Japanese horror cinema. I’m more broadly interested in how political/cultural ideas are expressed in cinema and pop media. Somewhere down the road I want to do anime and the transnational nature of pop media coming out of Asia...there’s a lot there! 

Hello @ystlum_chwilfrydig! Welcome to the party. I, too, have applied for several EALC PhDs. Good to see you here! 

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@spicyramen That is very interesting! I kind of also want to incorporate some aspects of contemporary film and drama's depiction of ancient literature. But I have too many interests and really need to narrow down to one!

By the way, there is a great new book just published this month for those who are students of Sinology:

It is a collection of many essays written by the top in the field. So that's a great introduction to the potential advisors; if you are interested in learning more about them, reading their essays which condense their life of scholarships may be helpful!

"Table of Contents:

  • Introduction [Michael Szonyi]
  • I. Politics
    • 1. Is the Chinese Communist Regime Legitimate? [Elizabeth J. Perry]
    • 2. Can Fighting Corruption Save the Party? [Joseph Fewsmith]
    • 3. Does Mao Still Matter? [Roderick MacFarquhar]
    • 4. What Is the Source of Ethnic Tension in China? [Mark Elliott]
    • 5. What Should We Know about Public Opinion in China? [Ya-Wen Lei]
    • 6. What Does Longevity Mean for Leadership in China? [Arunabh Ghosh]
    • 7. Can the Chinese Communist Party Learn from Chinese Emperors? [Yuhua Wang]
  • II. International Relations
    • 8. Will China Lead Asia? [Odd Arne Westad]
    • 9. How Strong Are China’s Armed Forces? [Andrew S. Erickson]
    • 10. What Does the Rise of China Mean for the United States? [Robert S. Ross]
    • 11. Is Chinese Exceptionalism Undermining China’s Foreign Policy Interests? [Alastair Iain Johnston]
    • 12. (When) Will Taiwan Reunify with the Mainland? [Steven M. Goldstein]
    • 13. Can China and Japan Ever Get Along? [Ezra F. Vogel]
  • III. Economy
    • 14. Can China’s High Growth Continue? [Richard N. Cooper]
    • 15. Is the Chinese Economy Headed toward a Hard Landing? [Dwight H. Perkins]
    • 16. Will Urbanization Save the Chinese Economy or Destroy It? [Meg Rithmire]
    • 17. Is China Keeping Its Promises on Trade? [Mark Wu]
    • 18. How Do China’s New Rich Give Back? [Tony Saich]
    • 19. What Can China Teach Us about Fighting Poverty? [Nara Dillon]
  • IV. Environment
    • 20. Can China Address Air Pollution and Climate Change? [Michael B. McElroy]
    • 21. Is There Environmental Awareness in China? [Karen Thornber]
  • V. Society
    • 22. Why Does the End of the One-Child Policy Matter? [Susan Greenhalgh]
    • 23. How Are China and Its Middle Class Handling Aging and Mental Health? [Arthur Kleinman]
    • 24. How Important Is Religion in China? [James Robson]
    • 25. Will There Be Another Dalai Lama? [Leonard W. J. van der Kuijp]
    • 26. Does Law Matter in China? [William P. Alford]
    • 27. Why Do So Many Chinese Students Come to the United States? [William C. Kirby]
  • VI. History and Culture
    • 28. Who Is Confucius in Today’s China? [Michael Puett]
    • 29. Where Did the Silk Road Come From? [Rowan Flad]
    • 30. Why Do Intellectuals Matter to Chinese Politics? [Peter K. Bol]
    • 31. Why Do Classic Chinese Novels Matter? [Wai-yee Li]
    • 32. How Have Chinese Writers Imagined China’s Future? [David Der-wei Wang]
    • 33. Has Chinese Propaganda Won Hearts and Minds? [Jie Li]
    • 34. Why Is It Still So Hard to Talk about the Cultural Revolution? [Xiaofei Tian]
    • 35. What Is the Future of China’s Past? [Stephen Owen]
    • 36. How Has the Study of China Changed in the Last Sixty Years? [Paul A. Cohen]"


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@NaitoBaron Looks like a good compilation—especially for those interested in contemporary affairs. I'll definitely have to check out the essays by Dr. Xiaofei Tian and Dr. Stephen Owen, as I'm quite interested in their work. 

Dr. Tian is actually releasing her book, The Halberd at Red Cliff Jian'an and the Three Kingdoms on April 02 ( I'm quite excited to learn more about the Three Kingdoms. She claims of the Jian'an and the Three Kingdoms, "Its writings laid the foundation of classical poetry and literary criticism." It's a must read for those interested in Classical Chinese lit. 

Right now I'm reading a compilation of essays by Paul K. Kroll entitled Reading Medieval Chinese Poetry I'm just finishing up his essay on a lesser known compilation of Tang Dynasty poets written by 殷璠 titled 河嶽英靈集. The essay is a nice acknowledgement of many poets that were not included in the 唐詩三百首. The compilation has articles written by some eminent scholars of pre-modern lit. (Ding Xiang Werner, Stephen Owen, Paul Kroll, and Ronald Egan). 

Survey: what's everyone reading? 

Also, whom do you folks deem as the top publishers of EALC scholarship? I'm presuming Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, etc... Any others? How is Brill?


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