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  1. EALC 2018

    @costevens Good luck on the exam! I don't know if you've taken it before, but I didn't find it to be too bad. Definitely easier than the SAT. And, as kyjin mentioned, I get the distinct impression that GRE scores are the least important part of the application.
  2. Media/Film studies applications

    @slouching I opened the UC Irvine application and it seems they do have a SOP — there is a place to attach one in the application. I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t require one! There’s no other way for a committee to really get to know the applicant, otherwise!
  3. EALC 2018

    @kotatsumuri good for you for choosing your 8! I've got a list of 5 or 6, unless someplace magical materializes at the last minute. I have been in touch with a number of POIs -- they have mostly been very open to conversation and have been quite helpful! Have other people been in touch with POIs? Would love to hear how it goes/went @costevens Good luck on your exam! How are SOPs going for you? I'm just starting on mine, and need solidarity XD
  4. Media/Film studies applications

    @machacreampuff I have indeed considered RSEA! From what research I've done I like the approach the Harvard programs take to film/media. @jrockford27 That's definitely an approach I hadn't considered, since I admit to looking primarily for programs with a emphases on Asia. I'll take a look at both Pitt and UC Irvine! Thanks much for your detailed suggestions Your work sounds fascinating, but I won't push you any more, for the sake of your secret identity! But I'm always glad to hear that there are film people out there -- my undergraduate institution had a decent but underdeveloped film program, so it's good to hear about other people's research.
  5. Media/Film studies applications

    Hey @jrockford27! Thanks for the response and suggestions. I'm hoping to stay within film & media studies (rather than do the opposite and work from EALC) for reasons of methodology. As of now I want to continue on with my undergrad honors thesis (post-WWII horror), which does apparently have a lot of study on it in western film, but not so much for Japan. What is your area of focus, if I may ask? I see you're already in school...
  6. Hello @nywnorb120191! I don't have any help for you from direct personal experience, but both of my parents did what it sounds like you are hoping to do, if I'm understanding you correctly. This would have been in the 80s and 90s, of course, so things may have changed. My dad (an American) did his M.Phil. at Oxford before joining the foreign service in the late 80s, and it didn't seem to have been an issue that he didn't have a graduate degree from a US institution. I don't know the details on pay and such, and things could have changed, but it has been historically possible to apply from an overseas graduate institution.
  7. EALC 2018

    A few just opened, @kotatsumuri! Although, frankly I'm still looking around for programs to apply to. Film/media can be a rare beast if one is interested in area studies. Have you been in to look at apps yet? I know it's early yet
  8. EALC 2018

    Hello all! I'm looking at EALC programs with with a focus on film and media (Japanese film/media, specifically) I'm applying to a mix of EALC/film&media/combo programs. Good luck to us all! Looking forward to hear how it plays out for everyone.
  9. Thought I'd start a thread somewhat akin to last year's, since I can't find one I'm a 2017 graduate with a BA in Asian Studies (maj) and film (min) looking at phd/masters programs in film studies with a focus on east Asia, specifically Japan. As of now, I've contacted Harvard (through EALC, not film and media) Yale, and Chicago, which appear to be the ONLY schools with programs in my area of interest I'm a bit freaked out by the admission stats, for all three, though. Anyone have any suggestions or thoughts on other programs worth looking at?