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I will be applying for Masters (and possibly some PhDs) in Statistics for Fall of 2018. I was hoping to hear how competitive my profile is at some of my target schools. Stanford (MS) is my dream school, so I'm most interested in feedback there. I'm concerned about whether to retake the GRE, since the average listed score at Stanford is a perfect score (97%).

Undergrad Institution: Top 5 Public Ivy (Ranking: ~top 30-35 nationally overall, roughly top 20 in stats)

Cum GPA: 3.89

Major: Statistics (3.84*), Psychology (4.0*), both B.S.

*Only explicitly includes stats/psych department classes, respectively. Excludes math, astronomy, physics, & related classes that counted towards my majors, which would likely bump up my stat GPA a bit.

Type of Student: Domestic White Male (DWM) from the south. 

GRE: 167 (93%) Quant, 164 (94%) Verbal

Research/Work Experience: ~1.5 years as a statistician at a large research company. Have worked on surveys / projects with institutions such as the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), Center for Disease Control (CDC), and other government bureaus. Project topics include criminology and victimization, drug usage, and general health. I presented at a large statistical conference recently (published a proceedings paper). I did some very minor research during my undergraduate classes.

Awards/Recognition: Phi Beta Kappa. Dean's List GPA (3.5+) every semester. Inducted into Phi Sigma Pi Honors fraternity. Nominated for junior statistician award by coworker (winner not announced yet).


Applying to: Statistics/Biostatistics, Masters (maybe PhD)



Stanford (M.S.) - Statistics


University of Chicago (M.S.) - Statistics**

Harvard (M.S.) - Biostatistics**

UC-Berkeley (M.A.) - Statistics


University of North Carolina (M.S.) - Biostatistics**

University of Michigan (M.S.) - Statistics**

NC State (M.S.) - Statistics (also looking at Advanced Analytics/Data Science)

**May consider PhD, depending on how competitive I am at program

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If those math courses included a good amount of proof based courses, linear algebra, real analysis etc I think you should apply to Harvard and UNC biostatistics PhD. I would think you are a lock for any masters in biostatistics

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