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Happy New Year 2018!


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For 2017? For academic, I graduated from my undergrad as a Top 10 Non-Traditional Student, got Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, and published. For professional, I spoke at commencement and was Student Government President and inducted into Phi Alpha Theta (History Honors Society), Phi Sigma Iota (Foreign Languages Honor Society), and Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science Honors Society). Personally, I traveled Europe both alone and with the man of my dreams.  I saw Reykjavik, London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Groningen, Nijmegen, and Rome.  I moved across the country to the most beautiful city in the USA (Minneapolis). 2017 overall was not bad. I miss my boyfriend and him being here would have made the year perfect.

For 2018, I hope I get into grad school.  I applied for ONE US program, so everything rides on that. I hope to travel more (already booked trips to Chicago for Opening Day and Rome, Athens, and Cairo for a summer classics trip). I can't wait to see my boyfriend again. He'll be home within the next month or two. 

Happy New Year to you!

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For 2018, I'm going to try and give myself the space to be creative. I'm going to continue to distance myself from toxic people in my life who pull me down. 

2017 had a few highlights. On the personal side, it was the first calendar year in four years during which I wasn't admitted to hospital. For me, that is huge. My partner and I moved in together in late 2016, and it was magical being next to him each day, especially coming out of a period of long distance. 

On the professional side, I had to relearn what it meant to feel passionate and confident. My self esteem and mental health had taken a real beating at my old job where I was bullied, but my current role has allowed me to rediscover my own voice and produce work that makes me proud. I was admitted into my top choice PhD program a few weeks ago, and found out I was ranked extremely high by the university, which was both a highlight and a surprise. 

2018 will be a demanding year, but bring it on! I hope I can give back to those who have given so much to me. 

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2017: Went to Europe for the first time, got promoted to full editor at the journal I work for, started the last year of my MA

2018: Will graduate with my MA, hopefully start PhD somewhere, hopefully break out of this love life drought, etc

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In 2017, I made almost all A's in my current grad program (one B, curse you!). I got my first full-time job (with benefits!) I was accepted into a field school dig in Bulgaria, too. And I got engaged. A good year for me personally. 

In 2018, I want to make it into my second MA program before diving into a PhD, so I'll be submitting my applications for them soon. *crosses fingers* 

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