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  1. I am a 27 year old female PhD student at FSU, and will be seeking two female roommates for this fall. I live in a 3 bed, 2 bath townhome on the north side of town, roughly 15 minutes from campus. Rent is $435 a month + utilities. Pets are allowed, but must be confined to the bedrooms as per the lease. If interested, please comment below or private message.
  2. @Adelaide9216 people are getting married older and older nowadays. You are, in no respect, out of time or ruled out from having romantic experiences. <3 Be patient with yourself. And life. One thing at a time.
  3. Rent is ridiculous. Studios start at around $800 USD, and those are bare minimum apartments. You can probably find something in your price range, but unless you're willing to consider roommates, it's gonna be a little ways from campus. As far as social life, there is always plenty to do. Denver is a decent sized city. But it's also fairly expensive. You won't find free or cheap events very often. Also, there's been a strange uptick in violence over the last 6 months, so if you're female, you'll wanna be careful walking by yourself (especially at night). Public transit is pretty hit or mis
  4. @FishNerd, It's the worst. I have a month longer than you on my thesis, but I'm losing it. I need to care about it... but right now I just don't.
  5. A friend of mine who is a year ahead in her studies mentioned it as she was waiting for her results and I remembered and looked it up later.
  6. The last two or three years my top choice school announced the first week of February. I still haven't heard anything and it's driving me nuts. Subsequently, I am driving everyone else around me insane. I'm taking a class on Levinas and I don't understand any of it. Also, I got accepted to a PhD in January... and my focus since then has been awful. I can't concentrate on anything. But I have to.
  7. A POI at my top choice program told me I have a "rich and full file" which is encouraging. I've been exercising more regularly and eating better. I've got a date next week. And I'm pretty sure I aced my midterms.
  8. ...I think they'd take no one over someone they initially wanted to reject. Plenty of programs don't accept students every year.
  9. ...why do some schools take so long to notify rejections? If a school didn't want a student, wouldn't telling them that right away be the kind/sensible/easy thing to do? Why notify rejections eons after acceptances?
  10. It entirely depends on the part of town. If you're downtown, it's totally fine. But if you're further out, it can be problematic. The lightrail (train) is great, but there are parts of town (like mine) where it doesn't go. And the bus system is very hit or miss.
  11. If it helped, my application explicitly said it was awaiting materials and my transcript was missing
  12. I'm a Master's student in the Religious Studies department. Denver is hella expensive. All of it. Like, you're talking studios starting at $750. Rent. Groceries. All of it is gonna cost you an arm and a leg. If you can handle having a roommate, I sincerely suggest you get one, or two or three. Most people I know have several roommates. Or they live outside of the city and commute in.
  13. I'm not at the Korbel School, but I'm a DU student. If any of you have questions about Denver, feel free to hit me up!
  14. I found out own my own, just checking my app to see if a decision had been rendered. But when I got a hold of them to fix it they said I've got a great app. So that's encouraging.
  15. I've only heard back from 3/10 applications, and I'm about to jump out of my skin I'm so antsy.
  16. I've done literally everything I can. I've emailed, and called. But I realized this late Friday night... How does this happen?!
  17. I've got a fairly good report with the department. I've talked pleasantly with several professors and students, and I'm hoping that will help me. My concern is that I should hear from them next week... and if my application wasn't even viewed because of this I may have just lost a shot at my dream program (where I might have actually had a chance).
  18. I just found out my top choice school doesn't have one of my transcripts!!! How screwed am I? Will this have kept them from even considering my application? I've emailed them to try and figure out what's going on...
  19. @Oklash, First, WOW! You absolutely blow me away. You have worked SO HARD. Way to go! Seriously. You have taken all the right steps and then some. Second, don't count yourself out. You've still got 3/10 left, and you only need 1! Third, you've gotta know, academia isn't the end-all be-all of existence. Even once someone gets in it is sososo difficult and discouraging. The job market in the humanities (which is what it seems you're geared towards based on your BAs , even for those with PhDs, is atrocious. And only something like 50% of people admitted to PhDs actually graduate. It is
  20. 3/10 applications have received their responses... and I'm about to explode. I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING NOW!!! :blink:

  21. I dreamed I got into my top program, woke up, knew that couldn't be right, went back to sleep, dreamed I was waistlisted.
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