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  1. I had NeoPets when I was a kid too! My brother and I both made millions of NPs and probably played the game a little too much, lol.
  2. I dont hate smokers, but I hate that a lot of them are freaking inconsiderate where they smoke. Some people would like to enjoy the great outdoors without your smoke poluting the place. Anytime I walk outside, no matter where I am, it seems people are smoking there. I didnt notice this in my hometown, but in big cities I've noticed you can't walk anywhere without choking on cigarette fumes. It is really annoying! Excuse me while I have really bad BO in public, because that is basically what you are doing. But I guess you cant expect someone to have regard for others when they have so little regard for their own body. But what gets me is that a lot of these people are enviromemtalist, shop sustainably, and look down at people who don't. WTH!
  3. I can't even... I need to stop watching the news and focus on my "summer" paper. But for the record- Fuck Nazis. In another slightly related note, a girl posted something about how if you don't have to care about politics, it is because you are privileged. While I agree to some extent, I also think it is important to not get too wrapped up in politics that we neglect our lives and the ways we can make a difference. Me reading one more article about white privilege or the alt-right isn't going to help our country. If I *personally* really believe black lives matter, then what *I* need to be doing is spending more time on learning how to teach effectively, because at least 75% of my students are black and being the best teacher I can be is what will really help them in the long run. All in all, if you find yourself privileged, stop posting about it and trying to convince everyone you are better than them because you woke, go out and do something! As much as we all wish we could punch the Nazis, you don't have to do that to give them a big FU. Teach ESL to immigrants who need it. Work for an after-school program tutoring underprivileged kids. Volunteer at a homeless shelter for battered women. Do something! And NOT just for Instagram likes! Stop just bemoaning the state of things and trying to make the government force everyone to be equal when you won't even go to the "bad side of town" for fear of getting dirt on your shoes. At risk of sounding cliche- BE the change you want to see in the world. (Note, this isn't directed at people who bemoan the state of things and try to fix it, just the ones who post articles about white privilege in one sitting and post Instagram pictures of their $5 latte in the next- all while saying they don't have money to give or time to volunteer. It's all about assuaging their guilt so they don't have to actually do anything.)
  4. I stutter all the time, probably not a good thing for someone who plans to spend the rest of her life lecturing. Generally it is just that my brain and my mouth are out of sync and one has to catch up. If I slow down then it doesn't happen as much.
  5. My sister has had the same problem with finding housemates. It really sucks!
  6. Ugh. Why does this forum get so many spammers and other unsavory folks?
  7. For the first year I was in the Ph.D program I had a desktop and a Samsung tablet (and not the expensive tablet either, haha!) It actually worked out well for taking notes and creating powerpoints during class and being portable, and I still love that tablet. However, when I decided to upgrade, I got a Surface and it is nice! Like what other people have said, I'd wait and see what others in your department have.
  8. So, speaking of stray cats... I think one is trying to adopt me, but I can't be sure. He's a really sweet orange kitty, not fixed. He hisses at my dog if Duke gets to close, but isn't scared and seems to be very easy going. My cat, a neutered male, enjoys having him around and they get along surprisingly well. He showed up while I was on vacation I guess, and has been staying on my porch since at least Monday. His fur isn't as soft as my cat's, he may have a tick to two, and it seems like he's been outside for a while. He's convinced me to feed him a few times, which is bad, but he looks really hungry. Anyways, I don't know what to do about him. He's really sweet, but I already have a dog, cat, and rabbit (and a horse, but not on property) so I have enough animals for a grad student, and my apartment won't let me have any more.
  9. After studying for a very difficult professional certification (with 4 parts), the GMAT, and now comps, something I've learned is that you can't really retain things for a test past 6 weeks, so having 3 months to prepare is more than enough time. Use the next six weeks to sketch out the major ideas and a game-plan on how to tackle the rest, but don't study too hard until you are six weeks out or you will be burnt out before the exam.
  10. Ugh! I love my sister, but sometimes... She decided to come down and visit me this weekend because she wanted to get out of the town she's living in. Well, my parents so happened to come down at the same time, from a different city. My sister had just seen my parents last weekend and I haven't seen them in a while. And, I never have them to myself because before this, my brother lived with me until January, and the only other time my dad has visited since then, she also came down. So my dad and I were talking about academia today, which admittedly has been a big topic of conversation all weekend, but its because he's a professor and I am just finishing up comps and we are trying to game-plan for my next 2 or 3 years of the program. All weekend she's been on her phone and acting completely uninterested in anything we're talking about. But then today, she interrupts and starts talking about what she wants to talk about, which I really wouldn't mind, except, she started by insulting what dad and I were talking about. So in essence she was like "Your topic is so boring and dumb, lets talk about me." And then, it isn't a conversation in which one person talks a few sentences, and then the other person responds, it is a 10 minute mini-lecture on her interest where she is the only one talking. And this is just how she is. She's only interested in what she is interested in, and everyone else's interests are dumb, boring, or crazy. And then she's like "I hope when I get married my husband's family will be interested in what I'm interested in." and "if I wasn't here this weekend, I could have gotten free tickets to a concert of a band I like." Well, guess what, sister, sometimes I'm not interested in what the parents or my siblings are interested in either. However, I listen to them and try to talk to them about it, because the key to being interesting is being interested. People don't want to talk to you if the only time you are talking to them, it is about you, and especially not if you insult their interests!! And the parents came to visit me. She already got to visit with them alone. I'll get a little time alone with them, but not much. I haven't talked to anyone in three weeks because I've been studying for comps. Of course I want to talk dad's ear off about stuff. Ugh!
  11. That being said, suicide isn't the answer. I don't know what the answer is, but it isn't that. However, you are in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time.
  12. I'm not a "trigger warning" type person, but I agree. This is some deep painful shit.
  13. My fucking teaching still isn't up to par and I don't know why or what to do about it. I worked so hard on it this semester, and the improvement was not as much as I would have liked. And I'm afraid I won't pass comps because comps are subjective, and my teaching sucks! It especially sucks because I'm the American, so I should have better teaching skills, or English skills at least. (Maybe I should speak with an accent and say I come from a different country like Ross from Friends...) But they give me the hardest sections of the class with the most unmotivated, dumb students. Not everyone is dumb, mind you, but they are night classes, and everyone works all day and then comes to my class- which they don't want to be at in the first place- and they have a hard time understanding things because they don't pay attention and are tired. And I was tired too because I fucking went to class all day too and had to run straight from my last class halfway across campus, to teaching. Give me a break! I feel like I was set up to fail. And I need to convince myself I was set up, because if I really am this crappy of a teacher, I don't want to teach.
  14. Yeah, I think it all depends on the field and what you want from life. The only reason you get a Ph.D in my field is to research and teach in academia, so that is what I'll be doing. (We are also a rare field with our demand for Ph.Ds outweighing our supply by quite a bit, so I'm not worried about being unemployed) But if I didn't think that you could have a good life working in industry in my field, then I wouldn't want to teach it. Life was very comfortable, and I am really glad I had that experience, but I'm also happy to not be there anymore.
  15. Exactly!!! it is choosing what you want to work on and having different things to do every day. At my old job, I felt like a trained monkey could do my job, even though I was in a hard field, because it was so repetitive. And I couldn't take off and go work on a different project for a few days to clear my head, because it was the only project I was on, and I didn't have the freedom to choose differently. Obviously, these aren't the only reasons I decided to go into Academia. My dad is a professor in the same field, so I know what I am getting into. I enjoy research, and teaching is very engaging. But I really needed my freedom, and to be able to do something mentally challenging.