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  1. Go to the lower ranked,more convenient, cheaper school! It makes no difference where you go to school, just get your degree!
  2. Do most grad students in your program commute or live on or near campus?
  3. You have until April 15th to let a school know that you are coming. You do not need to put your deposit in as soon as you hear. If you are unsure if you will get in other schools, you can wait until closer to April 15th to pay anyone a deposit.
  4. Is ASHA Edfind correct when they list the number of applications received and the number of admission offers?
  5. I think you just put in all of your applications now and if they are not on CSDCAS and want your updated grades from the fall, they will request them. That's my understanding
  6. It took less than a day for mine to get verified on CSDCAS, so you should be fine
  7. Should the essay be single or double spaced when you submit it?
  8. Is there any reason NOT to self-report your GRE score on CSDCAS?
  9. How much do grad schools care if you took linguistics as an undergrad?