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  1. I got the same email! I'm not sure what it means either. I thought it was strange how only 28 people are on "hold"
  2. Does anyone have any information on these schools, such as pros and cons for each? I haven't heard great things about both but these are my only options.
  3. Unfortunately, I was rejected by St. John's because apparently they didn't receive my stuff on time. I haven't heard from Touro yet but I know someone who was.
  4. I just got accepted into LIU Brooklyn! However, their program is under probation right now so I feel kind of conflicted. But they're the only acceptance I have and I have a waitlist from Adelphi. Does anyone have any information on the LIU Brooklyn program?
  5. My portal for LIU Brooklyn still hasn't changed
  6. Does anyone know how the waitlists at Adelphi work? I applied to the Manhattan campus and just got waitlisted. Is there a certain rank? Also, when do they usually start prioritizing the waitlist?
  7. I applied to: Hunter College Brooklyn College LIU Brooklyn St. John's NYU Columbia Hofstra Adelphi Touro College
  8. For those who applied to schools in NY, when do we usually hear from the schools? About everyone I know who applied has heard something from a school (interviews, waitlists, rejections, etc) and I have yet to hear from any school about anything. I know NYU recently sent out their first batch of acceptances and someone I know just got rejected. Also, Adelphi has notified some people already. The wait is killing me! Does anyone know when the first wave of decisions are usually sent out and the second wave and so on? I'm feeling more anxious that I haven't heard from any of the 9 schools I applied to yet.
  9. So I just submitted my Adelphi application online (not through CSDCAs). I know they have an application fee of $50 which I paid for but there's also an event payment that's $50. Does anyone know what this fee is for and if it is absolutely necessary to pay it? Everything on the application checklist is checked off so I don't wanna waste $50 after spending an insane amount of money on applications. I have attached a screen shot of it for reference. I've tried looking it up and nothing.