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  1. I'm also still waiting to hear back! They told me I would hear back by April 15th, and nothing!
  2. Hi, I have't really heard anything about placement locations, sorry. The intensive track basically means you graduate in five semesters instead of six, but you would have to take more classes in your fall, spring, and summer semesters I believe. But instead of finishing in the summer of your second year, you would finish the spring of your second year. That was originally my plan but with the prerequesites I would have to take, I would end up taking 20 credits in the fall. Hope this helps!
  3. Hello! Has anyone created a page for Hofstra yet?
  4. Hi, I just committed to Hofstra! I was stuck between them and NYU but just pulled the trigger. Let me know if you have any questions about Iona because I go there now for undergrad!
  5. Hi everyone, I just informed Adelphi, Iona, and Mercy that I will not be attending. I hope this helps someone out!
  6. Of course! The people that I know who go there love it. However, my friend and I weren't as impressed when we went for accepted student's day. The therapy rooms in the clinic are small (that's Manhattan for you), and you don't start seeing clients until your 3rd semester (summer). For some this isn't problem, but for me it is. They are affiliated with places all over the tri-state so I don't imagine field placements would be a problem. Also, while you're doing your field placements, you apparently aren't taking any other classes except for maybe an elective, so that could be nice. The professors are definitely at the top of their field, and they conduct a lot of research. They also do a study abroad program to Sweden. But if you choose this, you either won't graduate in two years, or you will have to do the intensive track in order to graduate within two years. I would also double-check on prerequesites, because I might have to take two extra classes my first semester if I go there because they were not offered at my undergrad, which I'm not too pleased about either! Let me know if you have any other questions!
  7. HI everyone, I am at a complete stand still when it comes to picking a program. I am between Hofstra and NYU. I know people who currently go to NYU, but I don't know anyone who goes to Hofstra, so if anyone has any insight about the program please let me know!
  8. Hi! I'm in a similar situation. My deadline to submit my money for Molloy passed on Monday, so I emailed them and declined my acceptance. However, someone I went to undergrad with goes there and rumor has it she loves it! I'm not sure if she wants to be more medically based or school based, but I feel like Molloy might be slightly more school based. I could be wrong though, that was just the vibe I got when I went there. I have heard INCREDIBLE things about Queens College, so congrats on that! It says on their website that their externships include hospitals! I would call and ask about it just to clarify, but I bet they have some good affiliations with hospitals. I am going to Hofstra's Accepted Students Day next week. I haven't really heard much at all about Hofstra to be honest, so if you've heard anything (positive or negative), please let me know! I hope this kind of helped!
  9. I heard back from Hofstra on Tuesday, so I am sure you will hear back soon as well, good luck!
  10. I heard back yesterday evening (around 5:00), but I have a friend who didn't hear back yesterday, so I wouldn't be too concerned about it. I'm assuming they're closed today because of the snow, so maybe tomorrow or the next day!
  11. I am currently waiting on St. John's, Teachers College, and Hofstra. I feel that since I haven't heard from St. John's, it implies a rejection, as I know many people who have already received acceptances (a long time ago, too). I called the office and was told that she "had no idea" when I would hear back. Does anyone have any insight on this? Also if anyone has any insight on any of the programs below that would be so helpful because as of now I have no idea where to go! Thanks! Adelphi, Lehman, Hofstra, Mercy, NYU, Molloy, LIU Post, Iona, Teachers College, St. Johns Accepted Rejected Waitlisted
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