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  1. @tuxedobird10There are some room listings here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/2203898931
  2. I was just accepted at BC!!! Found out via email today, even though when I called last week they said they had mailed out my decision. I'm waiting to hear back on financial aid, but almost certainly will be attending their macro program. Yay!!!
  3. Has anyone for the COP&D track been interviewed?
  4. Just heard back from NYU! Admitted to M.A. in Education and Social Policy 😊
  5. I would peruse through the course catalogues for courses/electives that most intrigue you. Also post your Q on Quora or Reddit.
  6. I had a dance teacher at Hunter who, during our pre-dance stretch, would make us say aloud: YOU ARE THE BEST THERE IS! AIN'T NOBODY FLYER THAN YOU! That goes for all of you with the interviews. Congrats! 😊
  7. @Gee_ Nothing. I'm a COP&D applicant and from what I read in past years' forums they typically don't schedule interviews for this track until March/April.
  8. @Psychotea I applied to MSW programs at Hunter and BC, and I applied to Child Study @ Tufts and EDSP @ Steinhardt. So far, I've only heard back from Tufts.
  9. Hi! 👋 I'm Lina and I'm a Fall 2017 applicant ( 4 Applied | 3 Crickets | 1 Rejection ). One of the ways I'm coping with the waiting (and the scarlet R) is giving to the populations I want to work with. I figure that even if I'm not admitted this season, I can still work towards change by helping others who work with these kids and I'll just try again next year. This perspective has significantly reduced my anxiety, so I wanted to share. I'm giving through DonorsChoose.org, and I support trauma-informed classrooms. Other orgs you'd recommend?
  10. @ed_applicant Congrats! When did you submit/complete? I also applied to NYU for EDSP
  11. Congrats to everyone who has heard back from their schools! I'm still waiting for a response after some serious delays due to transcript misfilings :/ BC is my top choice and I'm growing anxious. Did anyone here apply to BC part time and hear back? Positive thoughts/vibes appreciated
  12. Did you apply to the advanced standing program or OYR? I had issues with this and called them several times. They knew it was an issue and were manually checking uploads. If you can see the docs on your end, you should be fine. Today my application finally showed up as complete so you may want to check again. Good luck!