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  2. ProBonoJunkie

    Canada MSW 2019

    Same, waiting on Windsor’s 2 year full time msw.
  3. politolog

    PhD Profile Eval-- Where should I look?

    Do you have any training in quantitative methods that might offset your quant GRE score?
  4. BunniesInSpace

    PhD and scholarship prospects

    I mostly agree, especially about location, but think this guy's GRE recommendations are a little high. Anything 160/160 or higher is good enough to get into any program. Obviously the higher the better, but you're not going to get disqualified on the basis of GRE anywhere with a 160/160. 165 verbal is particularly high. I know multiple people who got into CHYMPS with less than a 165 verbal. NYU does really love high quant scores, though.
  5. Hi all, I plan to apply to Clinical Ph.D. programs this winter and am debating if applying to ISDP is worth it (International Society for Developmental Psychobiology). So far I have two second author papers, a poster at APA, poster at APS, second author poster at APS, second author poster at FLUX and I think probably a second author poster at ISDP. ISDP isn't a clinical conference, but focuses on early life environment and stress impacting children. Now I want to study how early life trauma and adversity affects people, so it is somewhat related. I guess what I'm wondering is if it's worth it to spend the money for registration and travel to ISDP to get another poster and conference on my resume or if I should save that money for applications? Thoughts?
  6. BunniesInSpace

    PhD Profile Eval-- Where should I look?

    What are you aiming for? What are you hoping to do with a PhD? Your GRE score is going to hold you back from getting into places in the top 30. Depending on what you want to do with a PhD, it may be very inadvisable to go anywhere ranked lower.
  7. Hi peeps! I was wondering if anyone was in a similar position to me! I've been accepted to both the Tufts Eliot Pearson's MA in Child Study and Human Development and Columbia's MA in Psychology in Education. I'm interested in working with kids in clinical settings and school settings, and want to pursue a Ph.D either in Applied Developmental or Clinical with a focus in adolescents. Any advice/stories would be so so helpful!!!
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  9. What happens if you accept but change your mind? Is that allowed?
  10. I'm also 2 year! Thanks for your help. I clearly should have attended orientation haha
  11. I sent my form in early May and I just heard from my advisor on 5/17. During the 5/13 pre-orientation meeting, we were told we should be hearing from our advisors in the next 2 weeks, so you should hear back sometime soon! FYI I’m a 2 year full time student. Advanced standing students should’ve heard from their field advisors already (though if you were just recently accepted, that may delay things).
  12. When did you hear from your field advisor? I sent in my form weeks ago and haven't heard anything!
  13. Hello, I'm an medicine undergraduate (med schools in my country are primarily undergraduate institutions like the UK) interested in biostatistics. I have completed a math degree during my premed years and currently preparing for a 1st authored paper in behavioral epidemiology. The math courses I have completed are : Pure math: 1 year calculus I/II , linear algebra I/II(sophomore level), real analysis I/II(=baby rudin), topology I/II, abstract algebra I/II, differential geometry, graduate real analysis (using RCA), graduate stochastic process/SDE, graduate algebraic topology, mathematical statistics (somewhat Hogg equivalent) Applied math (advanced proof based courses in the math department) : some undergrad/grad level algorithm/programming courses (e.g. mathematical algorithms (graduate)) and information theory The overall math GPA is somewhere around 3.8~3.9/4.0 ( I've got some A- and B+ on algebra classes. Analysis related courses are all A) Is there any more possibility of improving my profile in mathematics? For now, I can't take additional math courses anymore since I'm no more a premed. I'm currently self-studying some statgen related topics and planning to start a statgen related research project with a well-known professor in my institution. Anymore advice?
  14. Deveido

    MSc Computer Science

    Has any international student gotten admission into UNB MSC Computer Science fall 2019
  15. Congrats on your acceptance!! To answer your questions, I didn’t end up tailoring my resume. I submitted my field placement form and my field advisor emailed me to set up a 20 min meeting to talk over the process. I haven’t had the meeting yet (it’ll take place in early June, so don’t know the details beyond that unfortunately). But it seems like we don’t have much options in our first year, so we’ll likely be placed depending on agency needs and proximity to where we live. I’m not aware of a database of placements, but maybe you can contact the field advisory office and ask? I’m from Queens, so the placement options probably differ from Brooklyn, but they’ll aim to place you no more than 1.5 hr commute from where you live.
  16. spatial_person

    2019 Applicants

    Three cheers for UT offering the seminar, "Weak Theory." friggin stoked.
  17. Bopie5

    2019 Applicants

    my undergrad messed up sending my official transcripts on my first try. they FINALLY fixed it and now i can officially register!!!
  18. So they recommended my admission and now I'm just waiting to hear back from the Graduate School for a final review.
  19. Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm starting to look at which schools to apply to for PhD programs. I was wondering if anyone had some advice on schools of which rank I would be a competitive applicant. I'm looking for Fall 2020 start dates, and am hoping to soon make a list of all the programs I want to apply for, but I'm unsure where to start. Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance BA: Attended top 50 university, majored in English Literature, minors in Sustainable Development & Creative Writing. GPA 3.8 MA: Attended top 50 school in International Relations, with concentration in development studies. Receiving certificate in religious studies. GPA 3.6 (had a rough first semester due to personal reasons) GRE: 163v, 152q Research/Grant Experience: Received two research grants during undergrad for thesis research. Received Fulbright student research grant. Also done a few poster presentations at local conferences. Teaching Experience: Taught ESL for two years. Languages: English (native), German (C1), Hungarian (A2) LORs: Strong letters from current MA professors, might ask research advisor (sociology) from my BA too Research Interests: Development/IR focus Any feedback would be super helpful!
  20. MARTINt

    Deciding on a writing sample

    I'm sorry, but this is not something you'd want to have to say about your writing sample. As I see it, the most important function of the sample is to show that you've got the necessary skills to begin your dissertation. In your case, it seems like you need to master Italian and have at least some experience working with archival documents. If you want your application to be competitive, showing the AdCom and your PoI that you have these skills is crucial. If the SoP is the place to say you have the skills, the writing sample is the place to prove it. I'd recommend using your first paper as a draft for a revised paper, most of which will discuss and analyze primary sources in Italian - referring to or arguing with relevant secondary literature.
  21. I got an email today that a graduate school was performing a final review of my record and needed my official transcripts. Is this a good sign? I really hope so...
  22. Reza2019

    University of Toronto iSchool Fall 2019

    Thanks for this information. I definitely have some calculating to do before I embark on this degree.
  23. Congrats. I got into the program at UoT as well. I feel that in UX your portfolio matters far more than your degree. Given that UoT offers good value for money and plenty of opportunity to build a portfolio, I'd choose UoT. As far as US salaries are concerned, don't forget to factor the high cost of living in cities like San Francisco. I vote for UoT.
  24. CoconutAvocado

    2019 Canadian MPPA/MPP/MPA Hopefuls

    Heard anything yet?
  25. Brand new in academia here. I'm wondering to what extent our PIs should modify our draft, especially when their logic and ours are different? My mindset is, as the first author of the paper (which some people say I should be grateful for), I should at least try to write and submit the paper using my own logic so that I will be able to learn how I can improve it. Another problem is, my logic and my PI's are different and I believe his is no better than mine - which again, could change my mind if my paper eventually gets rejected. I'm just feeling so lost and demotivated; it feels like he's micromanaging me and I don't have any freedom in writing my own paper... I understand that if the paper gets rejected, it will affect him (that's what he said), so am I not supposed to feel this way?
  26. TMP

    Deciding on a writing sample

    Sounds like #2.... the keys are: For SOP: Demonstrate your awareness of the historiography in your areas of interest in Italy and science/technology For Writing Sample: Demonstrate that you can skillfully engage both primary and secondary sources (the latter being historians' points and arguments).
  27. Hi, everyone! I got offers of admission from both the University of Michigan and the University of Toronto into their information studies respectively (i.e. UMSI and iSchool). I would definitely like to attend the UMSI, but unfortunately I was not awarded any financial aids.. So.. now that I have to pay approximately the 40K tuition + 20K living expenses per year to study at the University of Michigan, I am doubtful whether it is a good decision to choose the UMSI over the U of T's iSchool because the latter would cost much much less (I am a Permanent Resident in Canada, and I would move to Toronto with my family, so I wouldn't have to pay rent and plus, the tuition is much less, 13K per year) . The decision would have been much easier if I had received any awards from the U of T, but unfortunately again.. I didn't... (In fact, I expected to get some since my CGPA is 3.93/4.0 from McGill Honours' Degree..) Anyways, my ultimate plan is to work as a UX designer after graduate studies, and I would like to work in the states considering UX designers earn more there, but I would also love to stay in Canada and work here. So.. Please help me make the decision! Any help or advice would be much much appreciated!! Thank you so much and have a great day!
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