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  1. I'm kinda freaked about going back also. I've been in critical care/trauma nursing for the last 6 years (after 2 undergrad degrees) and heading into a MI program. All I'm planning to do is to attend as many events at the iSchool as possible so I can start to feel like a student again. I bought a new desk & other bits (haha). I've also been doing a lot of genealogical research -- not related but getting me back into the research mode. I'm also switching jobs, doing ICU research instead of bedside nursing. Still worried about getting back to it though, as excited as I am.
  2. I'm 40 and was rather quickly admitted into my program (MI at Toronto), 3 weeks turnaround time. I don't think those who are older have a harder time being accepted, I think age (whether older or younger) is a state of mind. It's not about the number, it's about what you do with the time you have & what your attitude is. I'm sure a number of you would beg to differ & that's cool. Just giving my 2 cents! As for the friends thing... I've never had a problem making friends older or younger. It's about finding a common thread & working from there. Of course, with any huge age diff
  3. I received my acceptance for MI at UofToronto last week. Turnaround time was 3 weeks. My program has rolling admissions & it was the only school/program I applied to (I live dangerously!). Good luck!
  4. I'm 40 & was just accepted into a Masters of Information Sci program. A lot of people might try to discourage you & say your chances are lower because of your age -- which is simply insane! There are no rules about age. It's your life, you can do what you want. I think what schools ARE looking for is someone who loves what they do, is excited, dedicated and intelligent. They want people who have had a variety of life experiences and can bring some fresh perspective to the table. How boring would the world be if everyone was the exact same age, coming from the exact same educational bac
  5. I just received my acceptance from UToronto for MI. Yay! For those of you still waiting, stay strong. This process is gruelling!
  6. Just received my acceptance email from UofToronto for Masters of Info Science!! Yay!! Kinda stupid because it was the only program/school I applied for. For those of you still waiting, stay strong. Your acceptance will come when you least expect it.
  7. Mine is kinda wonky. Gifted/ADHD, homeless at 13, gradually finished high school by age 23 (mom kicked me out, no drugs/alcohol or anything crazy). Did my first degree (BA in sociology/psychology) with grades ranging from A+ to F (yep, an F, I wanted to see what failure felt like, so stupid looking back but whatever). After that degree worked with street youth (started an educational bursary for street youth, did research, did celebrity catering, was a board member for a health clinic, etc). Did another undergrad degree (BSc in nursing), graduated with honours & worked for 2 years in surgi
  8. Tiarabun, you are awesome! So many of the same thoughts have drifted through my mind as well. I'm not sure that one rejection (as agonizing & gut-wrenching as it is) is really a blessing or a lesson. I think it just means you *will* be accepted into a WAY better program, a place you truly belong & will be valued for the skills & enthusiasm you bring. I think that the universe (or God or whoever) is just trying to gently guide you to the best place possible for you so that you can do what makes you happy. If that means being rejected from a certain school, it's part of the deal I gu
  9. I'm 40. Have a LOT of various work/life experience & 2 undergrad degrees (BA & BSc) with high grades. I'm not really worried & I seriously don't think my age will be a deterrent. Maybe it depends on which program you're applying to? I've applied for MLIS. The impression I've gotten from faculty, students, etc is that they actually prefer people who have interesting backgrounds vs cookie cutter fresh-out-of-undergrad types. Maybe I'm wrong and like I said, it probably has a lot to do with which program you're applying for (and, of course, masters vs PhD).
  10. Genealogy research, it goes on forever and I get totally absorbed. At bedtime, need sleeping pills or I won't sleep because I start mentally re-writing my application bits and driving myself crazy wondering...
  11. I gave hand-written thank you notes & $10 Starbucks cards. I didn't want to overdo it!
  12. I decided on MI Library Science (and collaborative program in Book History & Print Culture). But I'm open to changing it if I become fascinated with another area. I met a few of the profs at Campus Day in October & their subjects were really cool too. Are you going to the Info Night tomorrow?
  13. Hi I've applied to UofT also. And yes, getting recommenders to get their stuff in is a pain in the butt! I started my application in late October, so my recommenders had *plenty* of time to get their stuff in. Of course, after returning from my vacation in late November, I realized NONE of them had completed their referrals! I had spoken to all of them in October & they all swore they would be more than happy to be a referral. So in December I had to contact each of them & plead/beg they finish it soon. One had it done the next day, the other took a few weeks, and one was on a resear
  14. I've only applied to University of Toronto (MLIS/BHPC). Waiting, waiting.
  15. When I tell my (trauma/critical care) nursing colleagues I'm aiming for MLIS, I get a blank stare as if they are expecting me to start laughing and then they say, "Really? Why?". My mom asked, "Won't you be bored?". Augh. It's frustrating when you have to explain yourself in order to justify why you're doing what you actually want to do (instead of doing what *they* want you to do!).
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