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  1. katieb93, i wouldn't. what's your end goal for the PhD - academia? If so, multiple thousands in loans isn't a good move. the market is tight and it will take forever to pay off (not sure how grand Pitt's placement record is either?) if you're interested in security studies generally, i'd really recommend working at a D.C. think tank. you get the equivalent research/writing experience to a second masters, but with the benefit of publishing in unique places. and! you get paid. ISW tends to to cycle through russia experts with relative speed - maybe worth a look?
  2. Hey guys! Congrats on your interviews/acceptances! Out of curiosity, is there a post where we've collated previous interview questions? I've searched around and haven't found it. If not, I'd love to hear a bit about the kinds of things they're asking this year. Best of luck all!
  3. Current MPP here: def don't waste your time if you haven't worked a little bit first. You will find the classes extremely frustrating and it will be quite difficult for you to connect with your older, world-weary (joking, but only slightly) peers.
  4. Hi all, I just paid for the Interfolio service, only to find that it is likely not to work with a majority of my school programs. I thought it'd be helpful to have some data on what applications do and do not accept the service, so that future applicants can make a better choice than I did. Attached is a google doc. If you have had any positive or negative experiences with the service, feel free to edit! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14Gu4_uCx7ROtJPskRFaZ5JihRNDLHr1SXKlxxJWW0tk/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Congrats all! I'm also very curious to know if it's just the physical sciences or if the social sciences have been sent out as well.
  6. Hey, I don't know! I really couldn't say. I would love to find some more information from last year. I would say that since this hasn't been a very full thread, you're probably not out of the running yet. I would imagine more people would be posting good news if they had it. Best of luck!
  7. I am! Question for the thread: anyone know how important it is that we track down our college textbooks for the Princeton application? It'll be a bit of hassle doing it for every class. Not that I'm unwilling! But I don't want to unnecessarily pester professors. Excited to hear from others!
  8. Hey guys! I just got my acceptance to my program at Cambridge (MPP), but I didn't get any word on whether or not they've shortlisted me. I was just curious if other people's experiences were more like @sat0ri's or like mine. Thanks all!
  9. I have nothing to share as of yet, but I definitely want to be a part of the thread for when people start getting their notifications. Definitely curious about the timeline!
  10. Hey all, Didn't see a thread for this so maybe it's not a busy application year (ha) but I could use some commiseratin'. Applying to the MPhil Public Policy program and really, really struggling with word count. The box in the initial application (haven't submitted yet - will submit follow up application with all documents after) limits you to 2,500 characters which they say is 500 words. I just got mine to fit, and it's exactly 400 words. That's so much less than I was anticipating and now I'm worried that I've sucked the life out of my essay. Anyone else struggling w
  11. hey all, i'm pretty new, so i'm sorry if this was already addressed somewhere in the previous 150 pages! Do you know if the final fulbright decision is emailed from the main fulbright office or from the country you applied to? I mean, it seems unlikely to me that it'd be the former, but knowing which would at least allow me to limit my anxious email refreshing to specific time frames!! Thanks!
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