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  1. is in middle of moving to the big apple

  2. I know the tuition is ridiculous. Do you have other acceptances or are you waiting it out?
  3. Thank you that is very helpful. I was actually wondering about that, it doesn't seem like a suit type of school, but I do want to make a good impression. What were most people wearing?
  4. Are you going to the admitted student orientation? Is there anything I should know going in? What's the general dress code? What do you know about The New School's Psychology program?
  5. Hi, I have been accepted to the Psychology program (MA). I received a letter in the mail on Monday (3/15). Does anyone have any info to share about the program? What is it like? Is it hard to get into the PhD program? What's the general demographic? I don't know much about the program, though I love the location and the fact that it is liberal and diverse. I wish you all the best of luck and hope to see you in the Fall. -A. Shrink
  6. I have applied to NYU and CUNY and haven't been contacted since I have submitted my applications in December. No interview no wait-list. Do you think I have any chance of getting in or are they just too busy (or rude) to let me know that I was rejected?
  7. Though, I can't offer much advice, I appreciate your clear description of the issue at hand. I am in the same boat. I have a nice offer from a school in FL that has a great funding package but isn't the focus I really want and an offer in NYC that is really expensive. At what point is it not worth it?
  8. I am reluctant to contact a few schools who haven't yet responded. From what I'm seeing most of the applicants who requests a status update seems to get rejected. Now I don't think that they reject accepted students based on their inquiry, but I wonder if they view inquiries as annoying and perhaps an easy way to lessen the great amount of applicants by removing them from the big pile, just because they had a question. Or on a more rational note, most the people that need to inquire are more likely to get rejected being that they weren't accepted for the first round. Am I crazy? Does anyone
  9. Given the financial benefits and the fact that they really want you, I would choose #2. However if #1 is your dream school and you will be satisfied with an MA and might regret not going there for the rest of your life, that ain't worth all the money in the world. Good luck!
  10. Hello, Luckily, I have been accepted into two programs, a developmental psychology PhD program at FIU (though I can get my MA in mental health counseling) and a general psych. MA program that leads to a clinical psych. PhD, at The New School (students must complete an MA in general psych at this program before applying to the PhD program, though acceptance isn't guaranteed (3/4 chance)). Now the issue is that I would like to get a PhD clinical psychology. Although I enjoy research and teaching, I would like to get strong cliicl training. Although I am not very familiar with the prog
  11. Though aggravating, it doesn't necessarily mean rejection. Did you apply for an MA or PhD? MA programs sometimes give responses later Some schools are swamped with apps and haven't had time to sort through them all. But if you haven't heard a thing yet, I don't think it would be rude for you to call the office or email the POI and inquire about the status of your application. Let us know how things work out. Good luck, A. Shrink
  12. congrats. you will change the world

  13. Pea-Jay, That does sound like a bummer week, but you need to focus on individual victories, you got into NYU, that's huge. They generally have good funding, given the economic climate that may change but take one year at a time, after the first year I believe it's easier to get TA's and RA's. So even if your paying in full the first year chances are you'll have ore available to you the following year. Also work on your relationship, take your wife out and talk to her, so many relationships fizzle away due to miscommunication and lack of dialogue. You don't need to have all of the answe
  14. HORRIBLE!!! I was in a similar situation, though not nearly as painful. Where I took a sizable pay cut in my salary so that I could take the time to do research with a POI at a school I was applying to. Turns out the day after I submitted my application, she tells me that he's not taking on any students for this coming year.
  15. I wish I could shut down all email and mail for a while and only have acceptances/rejections be delivered. If and when I ever work on a graduate admissions board it will be my goal to get responses back to applicants as early as possible (i.e. January not April) Good luck.
  16. Great question: There are many hoops you need to jump through. The first hoop is numbers, being that there are many more applicants than spots, the colleges sift through the applications based on GPA, GRE. If you make the cut then you have to have a good statement, strong letters of support and research (for psychology). After that it's really about making connections, networking. If you have been in contact with a professor over the course of six months and then they see your name in the application folder you have a much better chance of being noticed. I wish I would have been more proact
  17. Aspiring Shrink


    So true, we have become entirely dependent on technology. What's sad is that the admissions dept. probably look at as a nuisance, a big stack of papers and numbers to look at, while we stress about 5 minutes of no phone access.
  18. Hello,

    What schools have you applied/rejected/accepted/interview/waiting?

  19. Although I am truly grateful for the one acceptance I have so far, (and I get turned off by those members who have acceptances from Yale, Princeton and Harvard and are freaking out because they can't make up their mind, you know who you are), but I need to know where I am accepted and rejected, I don't really care that much, but the uncertainty is miserable.

  20. Did anyone apply to the Developmental PhD program at Steinhardt? Any new? Do they interview? When do they usually get back to applicants? Do they need my phone number again?
  21. There is no problem mentioning non-academic factors that draw you to the program in fact I've read that interviewing appreciate it. However, I would be careful not to mention them as primary factors. For example you might say "I find your program at UM to be a perfect fit as numerous professors focus their research on x,y and z. Also it is in a beautiful city full of sunshine and natural beauty which I find conducive to my studies etc." as opposed to saying "I really hope to get in to UCLA because my parole officer won't let me leave the state" Good luck!
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