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  1. Are there any kind of stats posted anywhere about the people who are usually awarded the GRFP?
  2. Another update: the lab I joined with plans of leaving May 2017 has now changed to my staying in the phd program. Yay!
  3. Did you interview with them or have you not heard anything at all since submitting your application? When I applied (not an international student) the deadline was in December and I had an interview invitation in January.
  4. If I remember correctly, MD Anderson takes a while to get back to you.
  5. Hi, First thank you, everyone who replied. Your comments were helpful and allowed me to gain some outside perspective on my situation. Also, because I wasn't clear, I am a female. Just wanted to clarify because some of the pronouns got a little confusing while reading the longer replies. Anyway, I have joined another lab for the spring semester and the plan is to leave with a non-thesis masters in May. I have not officially switched to the masters program yet, as my new advisor said they wanted to give it 5-6 weeks and reevaluate. New advisor and I work well together and communicate
  6. UPDATE: I've had a couple of meetings with the PI in regards to discussing what to do for thesis MS and timeline. PI, in both meetings, would straight up refuse to answer direct questions when asked. I asked about committee/proposal information (timeline to submit proposal b/c its 6months between proposal and defense) and PI refused to answer questions, frequently just talking about something else literally, "what is the process for submitting my written proposal? If we do it by end of Jan., then I can defend in June" etc PI's response "How do you think you compare to other students...". This
  7. UPDATE: so PI is okay with me doing a thesis master's but if I want to do a phd I need to find a new lab. I'm in a small department so finding a new lab is close to if not impossible. Unfortunately an MS doesn't get me very far career-wise. I never wanted a job in academia so I am looking at other options. I'm leaning toward patent agent and maybe law school, as I was looking at policy jobs if I go the phd route. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to teach high school, which is about the only thing I can do with an MS. Does anyone here have any advice or sugges
  8. So Thursday the PI pulled me into him office and said that he doesn't feel that I am excited about the research and he is worried about the fit. He mainly just kept saying that he doesn't think I am excited about the work. But I have mentioned several times that I like the work and it's the kind of project I wanted to work on in graduate school. When I specifically asked him what he meant by excitement and what he was basing this on, he danced around the question and refused to give me a straight answer (according to a previous grad student in the lab, he is notorious for avoiding conflict unt
  9. Thanks for all the comments. Just to update: I found a lab to rotate in and it is going great!! It's a lot of awesome signaling heavy stuff which is exactly what I wanted!
  10. Also, their website was garbage when I was there and it doesn't appear to have changed any at all.
  11. Hi, I used to work there but not in the immunology department. I will say that BCM culture of the school/department was not a place I enjoyed working (my department was great but the other departments I interacted with had some really bad, sometimes unethical things occurring, from individual PIs or researchers). The work they do is amazing but individuals who work there don't seem to be very happy (probably because pay is total sh*t except for the lucky few). I left a few years ago (to go to grad school elsewhere) and they were talking about changing up some things, so I can't really comment
  12. I am going into my fourth rotation (and of course it's not guaranteed that I will be accepted into the lab) and my other rotations didn't work out either: First: bad fit (I don't like PI or the way he manages his lab, lab is very small and no one is around. I was told by rotations committee that he doesn't have funding for a student even though he says otherwise). This lab was not my first choice anyway, but the PI I was interested in was full and waiting on grants so I opted not to rotate with him. Second: bad fit (per PI, I like PI and the work, but the lab culture is not for me. It
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