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  1. I decided to attend Cornell for the Classics PhD. My interests lie in the intersection of Ancient Philosophy and Ancient History in Late Antiquity, and Cornell has a lot of people I can use for that (such as Eric Rebillard, Charles Brittain, and Tad Brennan). Even more than that, I'm looking forward to finally moving back to New York after 11 years in Florida.
  2. While I've already accepted a place, I'm waiting to see Penn's decision on me, mostly out of morbid curiosity.
  3. Where are you planning to go instead of Chapel Hill?
  4. I've decided to officially accept my offer to Cornell. I think the department was a great fit, and Eric Rebillard does exactly the kind of research I want to do. If I get off the Penn Waitlist, I will of course pass it off to the next person.
  5. Hey Darlingviolet, it's all good! I'm happy with where I'm going to end up. The only thing I actually care about now is Penn's waitlist.
  6. I have yet to hear from Toronto, I doubt I will at this point. I'm still on the waitlist for Penn, I'll be emailing them in a couple of days to see if they have any news.
  7. The good news is that after Latin and Greek, German is nothing. It's an inflected language, but with an actual word order, which makes it easy to understand once you get the hang of it. Good luck!
  8. I've already rejected my MA programs, so those on their waitlists have already benefited. I myself am on the waitlist for Penn, and have been accepted to Ohio State University (History department), Cornell Classics, and Catholic University of America's Department of Greek and Latin. I probably won't accept Catholic's offer, and I'm currently leaning towards Cornell. Still waiting to hear back from Toronto.
  9. Looks like final decisions from Berkeley's AHMA program are out. Alas, I was not accepted, but immediately after I got an acceptance from Catholic University's Greek and Latin program. Always nice when the bad is followed by the good.
  10. I got my waitlist notification from them on Saturday. I imagine that they have sent out all of their acceptances and waitlist options by now. For PHDs, I've heard back from Penn (waitlisted), OSU History (accepted), and Cornell Classics (accepted). For MAs, I've heard back from WashU in St. Louis, FSU, Notre Dame, and University of Kansas (Accepted by all but Notre Dame, where I was waitlisted).
  11. Same! I'm assuming I won't hear anything about waitlists until April or so, which is fine... but where is Toronto? I'd like to know where I stand there!
  12. News is slow, man. I do wish we had more to discuss though.
  13. I learned today that I got accepted into Cornell's PHD program, after I thought I had done poorly in the interview. I guess I was wrong! So excited!
  14. Congrats to anyone who got into FSU's MA program! It is a fantastic institution, and I highly encourage anyone to consider going there.
  15. I'm going to assume that this is Notre Dame, since a bunch of interviews for them went out yesterday. I'm in the same boat: PHD offer from Ohio State, but ND wants to interview. I think I'm actually going ahead with the interview, just because ND is a great school in what I want to do (late antique history). Getting to know their faculty a bit can only help me in the long run.
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