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  1. Not sure if anyone's seen the recent Eidolon article on advice for Classics grad students, but I figured this would be a good place to post it for those of us currently in/soon to be in grad school: https://eidolon.pub/dont-eat-the-cubed-cheese-and-other-advice-for-classics-graduate-students-aece0a14607#.ilbqbz17a What do you guys think of the advice? Any tips of your own to add?
  2. To the person who posted on the results board about the waitlist at BU-- I just turned down my offer there, so good luck! I hope you get the spot!
  3. Yep, the Duke visit was about three weeks ago.
  4. Ah you're right; I misread the MA post. At least one person has a Toronto acceptance in their signature, although I'm not sure which program.
  5. Based on the results board and other posters, it looks like Toronto has sent out a bunch of American acceptances. I know the WashU committee just met on Friday, but I don't know when the consequent decisions were/will be sent out.
  6. Not sure! I haven't known anyone who applied in the past, but a friend had a Skype interview last week.
  7. UPenn Classics had Skype interviews this year, not sure if they will follow up with campus interviews as well. Can't speak to AAMW.
  8. Thanks, and congratulations to you on UNC! Would you mind being a little more specific about how "the phrasing of the email seemed to indicate that they are not doing them all at once"? I would love to hang on to hope, but not unreasonably...
  9. Not an acceptance quite yet, but I was invited to their campus visit via email!
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