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  1. $eptimius$everus

    Advice for Classics grad students!

    Not sure if anyone's seen the recent Eidolon article on advice for Classics grad students, but I figured this would be a good place to post it for those of us currently in/soon to be in grad school: https://eidolon.pub/dont-eat-the-cubed-cheese-and-other-advice-for-classics-graduate-students-aece0a14607#.ilbqbz17a What do you guys think of the advice? Any tips of your own to add?
  2. $eptimius$everus

    Waiting List 2016

    To the person who posted on the results board about the waitlist at BU-- I just turned down my offer there, so good luck! I hope you get the spot!
  3. $eptimius$everus

    Fall 2016 Applicants

    Yep, the Duke visit was about three weeks ago.
  4. $eptimius$everus

    Waiting List 2016

    Brown's interview visit is this week.
  5. $eptimius$everus

    Fall 2016 Applicants

    Ah you're right; I misread the MA post. At least one person has a Toronto acceptance in their signature, although I'm not sure which program.
  6. $eptimius$everus

    Fall 2016 Applicants

    Based on the results board and other posters, it looks like Toronto has sent out a bunch of American acceptances. I know the WashU committee just met on Friday, but I don't know when the consequent decisions were/will be sent out.
  7. $eptimius$everus

    Fall 2016 Applicants

    Not sure! I haven't known anyone who applied in the past, but a friend had a Skype interview last week.
  8. $eptimius$everus

    Fall 2016 Applicants

    UPenn Classics had Skype interviews this year, not sure if they will follow up with campus interviews as well. Can't speak to AAMW.
  9. $eptimius$everus

    Fall 2016 Applicants

    Thanks, and congratulations to you on UNC! Would you mind being a little more specific about how "the phrasing of the email seemed to indicate that they are not doing them all at once"? I would love to hang on to hope, but not unreasonably...
  10. $eptimius$everus

    Fall 2016 Applicants

    Not an acceptance quite yet, but I was invited to their campus visit via email!

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