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  1. I did my undergrad in philosophy and quickly learned how competitive teaching at the college level has become (overwhelming adjunct faculty, etc). Originally I wanted to teach philosophy at the college level and I have been studying for the GRE (as hard as it is for me b/c I don't remember so much of the math!). I am still in self debate mode but I have now turned my attention to online Masters degrees in Education (emphasis in science or social science) since with my current financial situation it's not practical for me to move and/or drive an hour each way to school (I have student loan debt
  2. I've read some bad reviews from students doing work in their MAT program here: http://www.studentsreview.com/CA/USC_g.html Any thoughts? I have been thinking of applying for a MAT program (online) somewhere but not sure where at this point. What's good?
  3. I just wanted to say thanks for your encouragement (granted it was indirect) regarding the GRE. I have decided to apply for the Masters of Education program at the University of Southern California (no GRE required b/c they too do not find it accurate or helpful in determining grad outcomes). Feel free to message me with any other tips! All the best to you!

  4. Thank you all so much for the awesome advice and thoughts. I am SO appreciative that I found The Grad Cafe. The big elephant in the room that I have been struggling with for a long time now was the huge surprise I received when I was doing my undergrad and began asking questions regarding doing graduate work in philosophy and working toward seeking a professorship/college teaching career. To my dismay, I have been told by many staff that "there are no jobs in philosophy", "It's very competitive and hard to get in", and that "even if you did get a job you'd get stuck doing adjunct forever b
  5. I'm not opposed to taking the GRE. I just need time to prepare, since doing poorly on it might mean not getting into a good school (at least that's the thought currently).
  6. This is my first post. I found The Grad Cafe by searching Google for topics pertaining to graduate programs that do not require the GRE (to which I was directed to the following topic): And I must say that I was very intrigued. However, given my current difficult situation I am now somewhat more concerned and/or perplexed as to how deep this rabbit hole I currently seem to be in is going. But before anyone gets too confused by my own confusion let me explain my situation (and I apologize in advance for being long winded). I have a BA in philosophy, currently work 2 jobs (7 days/
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