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  1. I just got an official acceptance at McMaster for eHealth ! And this post was really interesting, even though I didn't apply to U of T I appreciate the insight. I would love to hear from someone from McMaster who is currently in the eHealth program if there's someone out there
  2. If you go to this site and scroll to the very bottom it will give you info on the computer courses you have to complete before starting the program. It also explains why the offers are the blue square "conditional" at this time because your final admission depends on having finished the course. Thank you for creating the fb group I joined it, maybe we can help each other out with the course. I have already started the edX – Introduction to Computer Science one listed on that website and it's kinda tough starting out. http://mscehealth.mcmaster.ca/apply/admission-requirements/ "If yo
  3. Thank you everyone! I'm sorry for everyone who is in such a conflicting situation between different universities, that's really tough Hopefully everything gets sorted out for you guys. jChuang I wouldn't worry they are still offering you an interview. Even if they have been sending out acceptances previously, people are declining offers at Mac or thinking of declining...all you can do right now is practice and nail that interview so that afterwards they have no choice but to offer you a spot
  4. So I ended up hearing back yesterday that I was recommended to the grad dept for admission to the course-based stream, instead of the thesis-stream for which I had initially applied but that is totally fine with me. Once I hear back from the grad dept hopefully confirming enrolment, I am 100% accepting and going forward with that process so I'm looking forward to meeting everyone who ends up joining me I'm thinking the Easter Monday was probably the day after they finished the majority of the interviews and sent out their alternate offers. Someone mentioned that Iris had met with the gr
  5. I have not however I'd like to think it's because I applied for thesis stream and since I technically have no research experience they want to see if there are more preferable candidates who have more research experience before they give me an acceptance. After I applied though I thought about it and I might prefer course stream anyway...pros and cons. But yeah I'm being hopeful because my interview didn't go that horribly lol
  6. I only applied to Mac and no other grad program since really wanted this one. (In hindsight I should also have applied to U of T as a backup but oh well). I personally chose to apply at Mac for several reasons. One of them is location convenience. I also went to see Iris last year regarding this program to ask some questions and she was so helpful and kind and passionate about the program which made me feel like I would be comfortable there, she went above and beyond to follow up with me when I had questions or needed any help afterwards over email. I liked the fact that the program at Ma
  7. Recommended to grad department....does that mean you got accepted and they are recommending you since you are now in the program?! Or is that just a formality before you receive an official acceptance? Congrats anyway...I guess I'll just sit here for the next half hour and refresh my email
  8. I just finished my afternoon interview today as well and was told I would hear back by the end of next week. I wonder if it may take longer to hear back for those who applied for the thesis stream instead of the course stream. I applied to thesis but told them I am also open to taking the course stream.
  9. Hey everyone I am joining the convo kind of late but I also have an interview at Mac for the eHealth program on the 18th! It is the only grad program for which I have applied. I am beyond nervous about getting accepted and have been trying to brush up on my interviewing skills. Thank you to everyone who has contributed on this forum by the way, feels great to know I'm not alone. I read on the MacInsiders discussion forum someone commented back in 2014 about the eHealth interview "I recently had my behavioural interview. It's not very difficult and it is quite a relaxed environment. They
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