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  1. Well said. I will also be around, especially during this summer. Feel free to DM me and I will do my best to respond.
  2. Just wanted to make a quick note here for anyone accepted to Chicago MA programs, its worth asking them for more $$$, especially if you have a funded offer somewhere to use as leverage. There's no guarantee of course, but Chicago is a wealthy school so its worth asking them for more $$$.
  3. Great advice here. I'm not sure I have much more to add, except that I'd echo point #3. This is especially important, and hard to do, unfortunately, on Zoom. I'm not sure I really have a good answer. Although its a pain, try really hard to talk to at least 2-3 current students.
  4. I see. In that case, I'm not sure I have a really strong recommendation for you. I would agree with you that if you go to Columbia, or anywhere else, for a 1 year MA, it would probably make sense to wait a year, as you won't really have gotten out of the program what you need in just 2-3 months. If you're going to put the effort/time/money into an MA, I think it makes sense to wait until you have finished one year before applying to get the real benefit of the degree during PhD apps. I don't think there's any harm in waiting, personally. Sometimes professors will hire, either full or part
  5. Hi friend, Congrats on making the decision to pursue the (long) PhD journey. Before I give any specific recommendation, I just wanted to ask for some clarification. You say you have a Fulbright secured for a 1 year MA at Columbia? Does this mean you would have tuition covered and a stipend for that one year? Furthermore, does that Fulbright apply to any other school, or just Columbia? If it is only Columbia, I would absolutely suggest you go there. As anyone on this forum will tell you, debt sucks. It sucks even more if you are trying to get a not super lucrative job in academia. C
  6. I think both of the above comments are excellent. I'm not sure I have much more to add. As someone who is prone to mental health issues, I think you ought to know that a PhD can be a lonely and sometimes disheartening experience. It can be hard for me to be alone all day and see my worked picked apart by professors and peers (even if the feedback is very positive and constructive). I'm sure Covid has a part in this that hopefully won't be a factor by the time you are looking at apply. That doesn't mean you shouldn't pursue a PhD, you certainly should, but it does mean that you try and sel
  7. Nice to see a law student on here. One of my mentors had a PhD and law degree and was a terrific scholar, teacher, and mentor, so I don't think that will work against you at all. It will probably help. I think you have a great profile, but as smug-face mentioned, those are all highly competitive programs and even top students may not get in. I e-mailed with a faculty member at UChicago last year and they told me the department generally receives around 500 applicants each year and maybe admit 25-30. I imagine the other programs you applied to are just as competitive. Covid might thr
  8. Thank you for your kind words. Glad I was able to find a way to make my procrastination socially responsible. Good luck with the process!
  9. Nothing wrong with shooting for the stars. Of course, everyone could've always applied to more school, but I think you have a strong profile. With my limited knowledge of your situation, I'd say apply to Vanderbilt or Texas-Austin only if you can really imagine yourself going there. Both are strong programs, but I don't think it's worth "anxiety applying" if you're not serious. I'm not sure about European schools. Ultimately, at this point, most of your work is finished. Take a few days off this weekend, and keep away from this forum, and then see if you feel like you really need to appl
  10. As I've said to others, I think you have a good chance of getting at least one admit, and perhaps more. This year is weird because of COVID and the lack of GRE, but I wouldn't stress too much.
  11. I would not panic. I think you are very likely to get at least one acceptance at your schools and probably more. This is a weird year because of funding and GREs, so that adds uncertainty, but I would rest easy.
  12. I would not do this. You can probably get away with a few extra pages on your writing sample. But, don't do it with your personal statement. A few sentences is probably okay, but unfortunately OP should cut down to 2 pages double spaced. 2 single spaced is too long.
  13. I listed all the classes for my master's and bachelor's. Definitely was a huge pain, especially because I wasn't admitted, but I would do as much as you can. If you don't have textbooks, that's probably okay, but I'd at least list the class.
  14. I hate to say this, but I would do it all. I know it's a huge pain...but if they're asking you to do this, I would do it. I applied to MIT last year and was rejected, but I still went thru this whole song and dance. Sometimes you don't have textbooks, and that's okay, but I'd fill in everything you do have.
  15. I don't know very much about UC San Diego specifically, but here's my speculation: Most joint degree programs with policy schools are more geared toward research careers in industry, think-tanks, or government, rather than academia. I imagine that's what is going on at UC San Diego. The political science program is aimed toward students who are primarily interested in academia. Of course, students from polisci do end up working outside academia, and vice versa, but if you're in a policy PhD program you will likely find more professors engaged in policy oriented research. There re
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