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  1. Hello guys, I need some guidance as I will be applying for Phd programs for 2017 with cool projects but low GPA and no publications. I designed robots, worked on projects for many years. I even started to build things when I was in high school. During my undergraduate, I involved with research, worked as a research assistant at biomedical lab for two years. Then, I did a research internship at one of the finest universities in Turkey about a year. Now, I am pursuing a masters degree on mechatronics and simultaneously working as an r&d engineer at a small startup firm designing robots for handicapped people. I am able to get at least one stellar reference letter from my professors who know me and my projects. I don’t have any publication but I have almost 2 years of research experience. I have a crappy undergrad GPA, 2.70, with no good reason; and my masters GPA is 3.21. I have worked full time while pursuing masters, thats the explanation of 3.21. My GRE score will probably get around 320 - and my TOEFL score will be in 99-105 range) Do you think I have shot at these universities: Worcester Polytechnic Institute Oregon State University San Diego State University (has joint doctoral programs with UCSD - I have no idea how hard is it to get admitted) University of Connecticut These universities have awesome research topics that I want to work on them. I might be able to add 2 or more universities to my list.
  2. Hey, I am sure someone with more insight than me will give you better advices, but let me share my thoughts. First of all you need to set some parameters. Are you ready to face harsh winters or this doesn't matter; or will you happy at city universities or would you prefer an isolated campus... More importantly, you need to refine your research interests to find labs. And don't forget to think about the prestige & industry ties & proud factor of the schools. You see, these parameters will affect your happiness therefore your efficiency. I think these parameters are more important than the universities' ranks. For example, lets say you into robotics- you would love being in a cool big campus where climate x or y - then i would tell you at least 5-6 schools. So think whats important to you. Then do a list of ambitious, reach and safety schools. People who don't know you can't choose or suggest schools for you.
  3. Hey, I am just curious, which one did you choose? Are you happy where you are now? These two schools are kinda my dream schools.
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