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  1. Well...I had agreed with both you guys and thought it was to rest till my school emailed me and is "strongly encouraging" me to send an email to every school I applied to as they might "rescind the offer" with dropping out the program. Not sure if this is to be taken very seriously and I should follow through or if it is more a last ditch effort to keep me in the program.
  2. I am applying to schools in Canada. One I did need an Honors degree. Honestly, that one was a long shot so I am kind of just whatever about that now. The other schools do not specify at all in that regard. I honestly don't think I have it in me to continue right now....I am just so beat up and exhausted. My second concern is, lets say I continue and I get the minimal pass. One of the two master's programs is only 1 year so that means when I apply to PhD next year they will be looking at my undergraduate marks. My GPA so far is >3.9, so it is high. However, some schools I applied to speci
  3. So you do not think I need to email each school giving them an update on my application and that I am not graduating with an Honors degree? Everything had been submitted way before I made this decision. It was just an accumulation of so many overwhelming events that kind of sprung this decision upon me in this last week. I just don't want to get an offer and they see my transcripts and are like why aren't you getting an Honors degree anymore. I am worried not saying anything comes off as a cop out or like I am hiding something....though at the same time I am worried they will throw my applicat
  4. I am worried that if I don't update them they would disqualify me for misrepresentation since when I applied I said I was graduating with an Honors Math degree even though I obviously didn't expect this to happen when I applied.
  5. I posted recently about an extremely difficult personal situation. I am in Honors Math with a final semester left, however I want to drop back to specialization. I honestly do not think I finish my last Honors course for the semester at this time. All I have left specific to my Honors degree grad level course and I just know that I won't have the time to put in the work needed to pull out. This means since my application was submitted, I will need to contact all the schools I applied to with an update on my degree so I am not misrepresenting facts. However, I am concerned this will c
  6. Definitely depends on the school, I once tried to give a nice box of chocolates to a LOR and was told they cannot accept gifts. I was basically told as a professor, it is their duty to give letters of reference to students and while they enjoy doing it, they cannot accept anything in return. As a result, I have just given thank you cards.
  7. My GPA has been consistently high in my degree with a cumulative GPA of 3.96 in Honors Mathematics. I submitted everything for grad school, however since submitting my application... my life kind of collapsed. A family passed away due to cancer and it was an extremely long and hard battle. The last 4 months consisted of weekly trips to the emergency room and never knowing if this would be the end. He ended up passing away the day after my last final in the fall semester. While most of my classes somehow went well (honestly no clue how I pulled that off since I didn't study and missed tons of c
  8. I am not sure if things are different since I am applying into economics coming from mathematics, but most responses to emails have been basically like you look promising however they are not involved in the applications process. I know in mathematics, emailing the professors is a must since you want to see if they will have spots to mentor students when you apply. If a professor you are interested in is not accepting students, then there is no point in applying to the university. I am not sure if my phrasing is off or something in the emails, or are these responses to be expected? I am
  9. Am I blind or is there no where to upload a statement of purpose for ones application to the University of Toronto for masters? I am applying to economics masters and cannot find anywhere to upload a CV...
  10. Sorry, one other question! It asks if you had a supervisor or mentor during your degree. I had a professor supervise my research over my degree, but this was on semester. Should he be put? Even though this line feels like it is meant for a grad student.
  11. Thanks TakeruK, that is super helpful! I have another question I was wondering if you can answer, where can I put TAing or grading on the CV. Would TAing be under teaching a course if I just helped out with labs? Or would that be work experience?
  12. Hi, I am applying for an NSERC and filling out the Canadian Common CV. For past funding, I research an NSERC in the past (as an undergraduate student research award). I am adding it, but not sure how to put my supervisor on the list. I feel he should be included, but not sure what to put him as from this list as supervisor isn't listed (and all these terms seem vague and I cannot find a definition sheet).
  13. I haven't really found this questions, so I thought I would ask. I've sent emails to prospective supervisors. How should one respond to their email? Anything more than thanking them for their insight on the process and I look forward to applying? Or is that last part a bit ridiculous to write?
  14. I contacted potential supervisors and have finally received a response from one! yay! He messaged to talk tomorrow morning, so I don't have a lot of time to prepare. What should be the expectations from the phone call? How in detail with it be on research topics? How long should I expect it? These were the things I was expecting to prepare for: Be familiar with one paper that relates to your research that they wrote Have a pitch prepared to begin Have a few questions prepared for the supervisor Anything else I should be aware of?
  15. I have no clue what to write for my research proposal. Given that I haven't begun my masters, how are we supposed to write a 1500 word paper on what we want to study? Anyone know where to start? Everyone else I have talked to so far has said a professor wrote it for them....but I definitely don't have that advantage.
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