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  1. I accepted an verbal offer from a faculty in a research university. I am expecting an official letter offer to sign. However, I just came to know that I might receive an offer from a program that I rank higher. Therefore, how bad will it look if I accept the new offer from the program and write a thoughtful letter to the faculty from the first school before officially signing his offer?
  2. So one application I am filling out asks if I have taken a GRE subject test. I actually have taken the test twice but the scores aren't satisfying. So, can I choose "no"? I am sure the school will not talk to ETS for this on purpose to just make sure I have not taken one but at the same time I see this as lying...
  3. Do UCLA interview students Feburary 10? I am still waiting for interview invites from UCLA. I am worried that they invited me but it would conflict with my other interviews.
  4. So I got an interview invitation. The purpose of the interview is to secure funding with potential professors. One professor in the program has the research that I am very interested in but he is titled as "Emeritus." I know that becoming emeritus means you are officially retired but may still be involved in research. How should I politely ask him whether he will have projects available? Can I just ask him "I am interested in some of your research projects but I see that your title is emeritus so was wondering if you still have projects available?"
  5. I just found a typo in my SoP after I submitted it. I omitted an 'am' after 'I'. Should have not completely relied on MSWord to check grammar for me.... Will this significantly affect my chance of admission?
  6. Depending on the school and individual reviewers. But I don't think that would give you a instance rejection.
  7. I am applying to 'ABC' fellowship. Should I name my title to be 'ABC Fellowship Application Statement'?
  8. Thank you both for the insight! I'm done with my CV now. Looks much nicer and I deleted the "future" publication part as you suggested. I am just a little OCD in formatting. Thanks.
  9. The UCLA graduate application requires a personal history statement where you have to talk about how your life experiences and how they led to the decision to pursue the graduate field of interest. It specifically says that "this statement should not duplicate the statement of purpose". In my SoP, I am already writing about how my experiences, both personal and academic, made me apply to XXX programs so I am not sure how this personal history statement is different from the statement of purpose.
  10. Thank you very much TakeruK !!! 1. If I only have one entry for, let's say, publications, do I use publication instead of publications? Regarding the usage of months, I agree with you and it looks much cleaner, but now I have some specific questions if you don't mind i) If I am graduating in May 2017, do I put it as summer 2017? ii) I'm doing a research which I did last summer but now am continuing doing for the entire school year, so can I put it as Summer 2015, Fall 2016-Present? However, here, Fall 2016-Present doesn't make much sense since we are right n
  11. Hi, I'm an undergraduate student applying to graduate schools. I have two questions here regarding CV: 1. I did a couple community services (unrelated to my graduate study area) two years ago and have not done any since then. Should I still include these experiences? 2. I participated in a summer research program - should I call my title "research intern" or "undergraduate researcher"? 3. Should I put the date the same line with the title or the place? (I attached the two ways) Thank you!!
  12. Does it have to be Times New Roman 12pt? Can I use Arial 11pt-will this appear to be too small/tight for the readers?
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