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  1. I haven't gotten anything and I live in Ottawa so I would assume I would be among the first to hear. Sucks I can't just walk to the SSHRC office and ask. It's literally 5min from my apartment...
  2. Because that's commitment, which is the issue. They could probably get it done by then every year, but if its made explicit then they are locked into that time and have to be held accountable if they miss it. If they keep it vague and leave space to delay, then they can't be held accountable if they miss their target. On an individual level I'm sure the employees understand that this is incredibly frustrating (they too suffer from this internally, as every job requires working with other departments that also hate committing to deadlines), but they can't do anything about it. It stinks but it isn't SSHRC that is to blame, this is true in every department.
  3. The are two likely reasons for this. First, the number of applicants fluctuates. Its hard to guarantee a date when decisions will be made if they are unsure ahead of time how much total work will need to be done. And beyond total applications, the number per committee, per discipline, etc. fluctuates wildly making it even harder to predict when everything can be finalized. Add to that a government culture that HATES committing to deadlines because every possible decision requires the buy in of multiple people and you have a recipe for constant delay. If you have ever been in a federal government hiring competition, you will know that respecting the time and anxiety levels of applicants is not a consideration, because its impossible to do.
  4. Don't forget that funding is often negotiable! Like any salary. I just had a school agree to match U of T's offer after initially offering me substantially less funding, so my decision is suddenly much harder...
  5. Heard back from my last school and it's looking like I'll be accepting U of T :D If anyone else is going PM me!
  6. In case anyone is applying to McMaster (PhD), I've been told the department has made their decisions and is waiting on the university to approve. Offers should be out in a couple days.
  7. As far as online sources are concerned I'm not sure, but I can tell you that the cost of living in Montreal is WAY cheaper than most comparably sized North American cities. I know this is anecdotal but a good friend of mine lives in a nice one-bedroom probably 3 metro stops from McGill and pays $750/month (Canadian, ~$550 US). That is probably cheaper than most you'll find but honestly not by much. Transit is also reasonably cheap in Montreal and is very reliable. Quebec has VERY high taxes though (scholarships aren't taxed in Canada though), sales tax is like 18%. Generally speaking though, Montreal is by a large margin the most affordable major city in Canada. It's also a wonderful, incredibly fun city with A+ food.
  8. Waiting on funding and an offer from McMaster. If I get into Mac then I have to weigh some options - they have an ideal supervisor whereas U of T has 3-4 people around my area but no perfect fit. Will probably take Toronto though.
  9. Got an informal e-mail from Carolynn Branton that I've been accepted to U of T! Funding/official offer to come next week. Good luck, friends!
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