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  1. lovepsych

    'Stats Sample' During Interview Day

    It resembled a worksheet of GRE-esque quantitative problems. Fairly simple stuff that any psychology major should know. I only got 2 wrong and ended up receiving an admissions offer!! It definitely all worked out
  2. Hello, I received an interview day itinerary from a School Psychology Ph.D. program and it states that there will be a "short stats sample in the morning to supplement the materials you submitted with your application." Does anyone know what this means or experienced something similar during their interview? I'm slightly freaking out and would appreciate any advice! Thank you.
  3. lovepsych

    Fall 2017 Clinical Psychology Applicants

    Hahaha! This is great.
  4. lovepsych

    2017 Psych PhD Interviews & Offers

    I've heard from Illinois State University, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, & University of Nebraska-Lincoln (all Ph.D. school psychology programs). I'm extremely nervous buy I plan to prep a ton this next month
  5. lovepsych

    2017 Psych PhD Interviews & Offers

    Congrats on getting an interview offer! I think this is a great thread because it's more general than some of the others I've seen. I understand hearing back from programs way earlier than expected (I've heard from three!). Hopefully, you've responded to their interview invitation by now (you won't seem desperate). Good luck
  6. lovepsych

    School Psychology Ph.D. Interview

    Thanks @transfatfree! I'll make sure to check out previous posts
  7. lovepsych

    School Psychology Ph.D. Interview

    Hello everyone! I'm fairly new here but I was wondering if anyone could offer advice on interviews? I recently received a phone call saying I have an interview for a Ph.D. School Psychology program I'm really excited but also nervous...Does anyone have any experience with graduate program interviews? What was it like? Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thank you

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