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  1. This just gave me hope. Thank you and congrats!
  2. Would the SUNY Buffalo poster mind messaging me their POI? This is my top choice program...
  3. The things that helped me the most: 1) Whenever you find yourself getting caught up in anxiety, nervousness, etc. try to redirect it to excitement. Being excited is much more enjoyable than being a giant stress ball. Plus, I found that it was much easier for me to channel all that energy more positively than try to totally calm myself down altogether. 2) Remember that just as much as they're interviewing you, you're interviewing them, too. Right now they're your top choice program, but interview weekend is your chance to *really* learn if they're more than just a good fit on paper.
  4. I'm waiting to hear back from them, too. I know of two POI's that have already extended interview invites, but I don't know about the rest, or even if the POI's that already have, might do more later? It's confusing/complicated since they only require Skype interviews!
  5. I know UConn has a waitlist for interviews, but seeing as how they're next Wednesday and Friday, I'm just really not sure what's going on!
  6. Have any other UConn applicants not gotten either an interview offer or the email that got sent today, directing to the application with a rejection notice? I'm a bit confused here...
  7. I'd definitely recommend getting a lab manager or research coordinator position instead, if you can... I'd be worried that a full-time applied clinical position will make you look far more interested in clinical work than research, and hurt your chances of getting into a PhD program.
  8. Yeah of course! I totally understand--I just had my interview at my top choice program today, and cannot comprehend what I will do if more than about two weeks go by and I haven't heard anything haha
  9. If it were me, I think I would try to wait about 3 weeks, especially since it's still only January.
  10. Would the person who heard back from Hawaii at Manoa please PM me your POI? Thanks!
  11. You could also do a PhD in developmental psych & then later do a "re specialization" in clinical... There aren't as many respecialization programs (obviously) but they only take like, two years (I think), and shouldn't be nearly as hard to get into!
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