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  1. advices needed PhD vs. another Master

    I'd be curious to know what arguments your advisors have brought forward to tell you not to pursue another master's. Do you mind sharing, please?
  2. HGSE 2017

    Anyone here has been notified of any restricted scholarship award? :S
  3. Teacher's College 2017 Entry

    congrats! Did you get in the same program that you applied then? Just figuring out as it seems that referred students were informed first?
  4. Teacher's College 2017 Entry

    Any PhD applicant in the department of Education Policy and Social Analysis that has been admitted to his or her Phd program?
  5. HGSE 2017

    It'd be nice if anyone has the desagreggrated indicators by area
  6. Teacher's College 2017 Entry

    which program? It is still possible you still get in! and they think your experiences are awesome! I keep my fingers crossed and hope someone attending another programs frees the spot!
  7. BERKELEY GSE 2017

    Anyone heard anything about the fellowships?!?!
  8. HGSE 2017

    I got the referral from the phd and was admitted to the masters. Anyone received info on financial aid?
  9. Stanford GSE

    International here. Haven't heard anything either, so maybe we will embrace our rejection together . Also, from looking at the results page it seems like an international already got in :/
  10. Stanford GSE

    Which program? Congrats!
  11. HGSE 2017

    Last year the call from students to those admitted were on Wed, correct? So, maybe we should expect a decision tomorrow?
  12. Penn GSE

    I remember reading on the website that between four to six weeks after your app is ready for review
  13. Teacher's College 2017 Entry

    ikr, however, I haven't seen anything about Sociology and Education, which is the field I applied to. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Teacher's College 2017 Entry

    anyone knows anything about the PhDs???