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  1. Ah ok. Thanks for the info and good luck on your interview. At this point I think it's healthier to lower my expectations and be pleasantly surprised if I do get the email over the weekend.
  2. Oh wow! Congrats!
  3. And congratulations by the way! Super exciting.
  4. Interesting. So maybe they are doing them by concentration. Hmm. I wonder if any HDLT folks have gotten invites?
  5. That made me depressed. Hopefully there are more to go out today.
  6. Yeah maybe they send them out right before they leave for the day. Putting off all the angry phone calls until the morning haha.
  7. I think there's a good chance that they haven't been sent out yet. I would think at least one person would've posted (this group has a lot of traffic). Good reason to be hopeful.
  8. I know PhD interviews are over Skype. Not sure about EdLD
  9. This day is going by so slowly....fingers crossed for everyone!
  10. There doesn't seem to be much conversation around this program, so I thought I'd open up this space to discuss the program and thoughts about the process! It seems to me that interviews invites should go out soon, considering that interview weekend begins on the 4th. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Can't wait to hear from others who applied
  11. Anyone else apply to UChicago Psych? Seems to me like they should be sending out interviews soon but it's hard to tell because they changed their interview weekend from the end to the beginning of February (4th-6th). In past years their interview emails went out about a month before the interview weekend. Anyone else have guesses on this?
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