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  1. Oh wow, okay! I definitely considered applying to Manhattan campus too...but yes, I'm glad you made this thread too!! I will definitely reply here if I am notified. Thanks again for your input!!
  2. Gee, thank you for your response! It seems like it took them about 1.5 months to get back to you, but must've reviewed your app quickly after that last person sent their letter in...or, they had already reviewed your app, knew they liked you, but wanted to make sure that third letter was in! I only applied to the LI location, where did you apply? Thank you again for your help!!!!
  3. Hi Gee and Ade, I submitted my application on Feb. 1 but my third letter-writer didn't submit their letter of rec. until Feb. 18...would you mind telling me when you both applied? I realize the due date was 2 days ago so I suppose I shouldn't be too upset about not hearing yet but SBU's program is DEF. my top-choice...agh...thanks for your input!
  4. @FacelessMage @8BitJourney (and everyone else) I want to share with you my system for ranking my programs! Spoiler alert: my "gut-feeling" school "won" my system, LOL, so who knows if this is even necessary... In no particular order, I listed 10 factors that were very important to me with Grad School: Goodness of Research-Interest Fit, Clinical Work with Population of Choice, Funding, Teaching Opportunities, Location, [Job] Flexibility upon Graduation, Niceness of POI, Ability to Design a Research Study/Grant, Funding for Conference Travel, and Externship Opportunities. Then I put my schools in a numbered list under each 'important factor' as a heading...the school with the LOWEST total number when adding up the numbers next to the school names under each heading was my "winner" since I decided to list them in numeric order (1, 2, 3...) under the 10 headings. I hope this helps some of you!
  5. @almondicecream Thank you so much for your congratulations-congratulations to you on having multiple offers! I've just had multiple interviews so far, but want to pick a rank-order now that I am fresh out of these interviews and do not want an acceptance to reach me and sway me (like, I don't want to be swayed by the excitement of getting an offer!). I like the grading system you've come up with - thank you for sharing! Given those points you shared, I think I've further solidified my top choice! @Qihong I had a "gut feeling" at the school I regard as my top choice right now, and did not have this feeling at my other interviews...I can't shake it! Thank you for mentioning this, I kinda thought I was going overboard in trusting it/weighing that so heavily.
  6. Hi everyone, I am curious to know how you may be going about rank-ordering your options for graduate school now that you've had (some or all) interviews? Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I am wondering if anyone could potentially clarify the proper protocol to follow when offered admission to a Clinical Psych PhD program after interviewing? I am just curious about the idea of "holding" offers, as I've been told that you shouldn't have more than 1 offer at a time? Should you let 1 school know like 'hey I'm strongly considering you but waiting to hear back from other schools'? If given an offer to your second choice, should you email your first choice to let them know that you have an offer from X University but admission into your University would 'change my mind'? I apologize if my examples are confusing, I just have heard so many mixed pieces of advice regarding this. Thank you for your input!
  8. Hi there, sorry to post in this thread during a time where most readers are probably concerned with acceptances, but I am curious to know if anyone has generated or come across a list of Social Work PhD programs? I cannot find any consolidated information online or on US News and World Report for research-based Social Work PhD programs! I have applied to 1 MSW program that is local and offers in-state tuition; after this I would hope to purse a research career (at some point)...I am also interested in Clinical Psychology PhD programs, and would focus a potential career in Social Work research on topics in clinical social work. Thank you so much for your consideration of this question and I apologize if I seem uncommitted to SW; I have been/am an R.A. in clinical psych and SW labs and enjoyed these positions equally!
  9. Hi all, I am curious to know if anyone has any sort of idea for what puts POI's "over the edge" in terms of accepting 1 student out of the 2-6 they'll invite to interview? I do have this textbook guide (Norcross) for 'getting into clinical psych programs' that says POIs may consider # of publications of high importance, but the study they cite was from 10 years ago, I believe... Aside from 'red flags' sort of knocking people down, what would push them 'up' into getting an offer? Fit? Having worked closely with one of their colleagues? Being geographically close to the school and therefore more likely to want to stay in the area?? Thank you to all for considering this, I appreciate your input!
  10. Has anyone experienced a Group Interview through their Clinical PhD app. process? Any advice? I am supposed to have multiple in one day...thank you for your input!
  11. Hey there, I noticed on the site where 2017 Clinical applicants post their interview invitations that 1 poster was waiting on an official invitation from the Department to interview in person. A total of 10 people (it appears) have posted about UMich Clinical on that webpage, and I would just like to know if anyone has received their *official* invitation to interview (the dates for which appear to be February 18th and 19th)? Thank you so much for considering this question, all; this program and PI are very much so my top choice and I would like to know if I still stand a chance!
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