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  1. I heard back from Portland State. Their funding situation is still unclear (I think that's the reason your POI didn't write you back). They may not have funding to admit any I/O candidates.
  2. I'm going to play the devil's advocate here for the sake of introducing diverse perspectives. I drafted my applications list according to my overall fit with the program - not according to the school or location. I'm an international student as well, and what I experienced thus far in my life was that I can live anywhere as long as I like my job, like the people, and have a semi-decent social circle. Midwest vs. Deep South vs. East Coast vs. West Coast, it really doesn't matter. Or better put, it matters, but as a student in a very competitive field, I don't get to dictate where I live. The un
  3. I would say keeping students in dark is not uncommon. I also have on-campus interviews coming up in 10 days and I wasn't sent any agenda either. Last year at one school, I was given my meetings schedule on the day of the interview. To keep it brief, please don't worry (worrying will use up your cognitive resources which you need!). Try to be familiar with the research interests of your areas' faculty, and try to prepare intelligent answers to common questions (e.g., why do you want to go to grad school? what are your research interests? what are your career goals upon graduating?). B
  4. Honestly, if I were a professor I'd admit you RIGHTAWAY! This is both fantastic and creative. Seriously. Best of luck to you!
  5. I completely agree! I was advised to be honest, but in your case you were advised to be vague...I totally see it going either way. Both approaches are valid. Best wishes to everyone going through this process. I hope everyone gets placed.
  6. I feel terrible when I see people like you and @nicokren -who are obviously highly qualified- are left discouraged. Admissions is such a random process, there's no way to guarantee a certain outcome. I'm also applying for the second time around, and I feel like the two uber-competitive areas in Psychology are Clinical and Social. I had a friend who got in a clinical program in her 3rd trial. Another friend in Social got in by her 2nd trial. I hope you guys don't lose hope or give up on your dreams -- just apply to more schools in your next rounds. Last year I applied to 14, this year I ap
  7. I'm curious about this...Why wouldn't you reveal you're interviewing at another school? In my opinion (and experience), it is a good sign for the other school that their candidate is being evaluated at another school - it means the candidate in question is a qualified one. I believe honesty is the best policy, and I would tell the second place that I was invited to School X and I said yes, so I need to reschedule the second one. The reason some schools reach out to their candidates as early as possible (i.e., mid-December) is so that the candidate is booked with their school earlier than
  8. Hi everyone! Could the applicant accepted by Rice DM me his/her POI? It'd be greatly appreciated!!! Best of luck to everyone
  9. Thank you!! When did you hear back and can you PM me who your POI was?
  10. Has anyone heard anything from Penn State? I interviewed there on 2/10 but they have been silent ever since. This cannot be good
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