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  1. Behavioral is correct--as we understand them today, cognitive predates social, and social predates clinical. These days each branch influences the others (e.g., social borrows cognitive methods, clinical borrows social theory, clinical problems like stress are investigated in social labs to see the impact of situation to improve social theory...etc etc etc). Cognitive does not necessarily = neuro. In fact, most cognitive work has no neuro component. I could go into detail, but when I started to I realized I was basically reiterating an entire course on the history of psychology, so suffice
  2. Hahah well, I originally thought I wanted to go clinical...until I realized I hated the idea of ever having to be a therapist!!!! I really have no drive to provide therapy for people. And I wasn't interested in studying "abnormal" behavior--that is the big difference. Social psychologists study what happens in the typical person, rather than disorders, so we actually see it as more broadly applicable. Plus, another difference is if your interests lie at the group or individual level. For example, I study stereotyping/prejudice/intergroup relations. Pretty direct policy/education applicati
  3. Good luck with applications all! For those though that are interested and starting to get antsy and thinking about possible Plan Bs (let's call them safety/back-ups for now), I've posted 3 emails I got in the last 48 hours regarding open lab manager positions over in the "Lab Manager Positions" thread.
  4. And a third (btw, Jay is awesome and Dave is HUGE in the field, so this would be a great one): Professors David Amodio and Jay Van Bavel are currently seeking a full-time Lab Manager to begin in August or September 2012, for a two-year commitment. The lab manager will work half-time in David Amodio’s Social Neuroscience Lab and half-time in Jay Van Bavel’s Social Perception and Evaluation Lab, located adjacently in the NYU Psychology Building. The Lab Manager will work closely with Drs. Amodio and Van Bavel, and their respective lab groups, to coordinate and conduct research studie
  5. Another: The Aging, Culture, and Cognition Laboratory at Brandeis University, located in Waltham, MA, is hiring a Research Assistant. The Research Assistant will coordinate behavioral and neuroimaging (fMRI) data collection for studies of aging, culture, and memory, under the direction of Dr. Angela Gutchess. Examples of Key Responsibilities: Assists in the collection of fMRI data off-site. Must be reliable, pay attention to detail, and be interested in learning about neuroimaging research. Own transportation to drive to Charlestown is preferred Administers research stud
  6. Agreed. When you send the application, just tell them to be expecting emails from Dr. X (@ email address) and Dr. Y (@ email address) shortly with letters attached...then make sure that those letters arrive asap
  7. You can email and say how much you enjoyed the interview and casually state "I hope to hear back from you and the committee soon", and if it is your first choice you can emphasize that. POIs will take the hint and fill you in on whether or not the committee has met yet, and may cough up more details but you can't push them too much
  8. Just got this email, as a heads up: Dear Colleagues - Please pass this note on to any bright undergraduates or recent grads who may be interested! Full-time lab manager position at the University of Maryland Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab The University of Maryland Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (www.dscn.umd.edu) directed by Dr. Elizabeth Redcay is seeking a full-time lab manager starting this summer 2012. The DSCN lab investigates the neural and cognitive bases of social-cognitive and communicative development (e.g., joint attention, theory of
  9. For anyone who is thinking about next steps for next year, I just got this email: Dear Colleagues - Please pass this note on to any bright undergraduates or recent grads who may be interested! Full-time lab manager position at the University of Maryland Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab The University of Maryland Developmental Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (www.dscn.umd.edu) directed by Dr. Elizabeth Redcay is seeking a full-time lab manager starting this summer 2012. The DSCN lab investigates the neural and cognitive bases of social-cognitive and communicative
  10. The thing is really just that there are far, far, far more really awesome, super qualified applicants than there are spots. Especially right now, as more people are applying to grad school than ever before coupled with less and less available funding. The crazy thing is, that with the number of people getting psych PhDs there aren't anywhere near enough jobs (especially academic jobs, if your goal is to be a clinician then you're fine), and now we have a backlog of post-docs who are far cheaper (they only need salary, not tuition remission) who are there to do a lot of the same work and alr
  11. I also asked my undergrad advisors who they thought were good matches. My undergrad was small and only really had clinical and neuro faculty, but I wanted to do social psych. I told them my broad area and so basically they just reported the biggest names they knew in the field. Then I looked at the webpages to narrow it down (plus I only applied to schools in geographic areas I liked). In retrospect, I did it pretty haphazardly. I applied to 8, got into 5, and ended up supremely happy with my choices and final selection. I was beyond lucky how it worked out.
  12. In our department, all the areas except clinical pretty much accept 1/2 of the students invited to interview, with the others put on a waitlist (unless you do something to totally put the faculty or grad students off). Sometimes if we're really impressed or looking for a bigger class it goes as high as 3/4. For example, this year we interviewed 8 for social, accepted 4 off the bat, put 2 on a waitlist with likely admission if we get a decline, and 2 on a waitlist with very low chances of admission (since we figure we'll get at least 2-3 out of the first 2 groups so we won't have to fill spots)
  13. No idea if they sent invites yet, but I know they do hold interviews.
  14. Part of this depends on your goal and the school's focus. I'm in an experimental area of psych, but our clinical area is also very much research-oriented (we say we're training researchers who can do clinical work, but not training full-time therapists). If your goal is to go a research/academic/professor route (or if that is the focus of the program, even in clinical), then yes, your age could very well play a huge factor here. The reason is that they figure that 1. it may take you longer to graduate with those other responsibilities, 2. the time/money they put into you may not pay off as mu
  15. Very true. I know for psych (and particularly for non-clinical areas) the time frame is January and February for the most part. If you're on the top of a waiting list and get in that way you may hear from places in March as well, though you're usually informed if you're on a waiting list by the end of February/first week of March. I actually think it's pretty cruel how many applicants are already rejected but not informed for months because of this process--my current program is a particularly bad offender in this regard.
  16. As far as I'm aware (and this could be true only of social psych or of my program only), they take the entire pile of applications and divide it up based on POIs listed. I don't think there is a secret algorithm in the formal sense, but each faculty member basically gets to divide up their pile how they see fit. Some put more weight on GPA, others on years of research experience, etc, but I do believe that they essentially make a few piles outright: (1) scores are high so look at the file closely and positively, (2) scores are middle-range so if they have a great research background move them
  17. Double-checked with a friend at Rutgers--they have interviews in a few weeks, invites have been sent out although she wasn't sure if they were all sent yet (only applies for social psych--no info on other areas)
  18. Princeton I know has a weekend for it, and from speaking to some friends there at SPSP I believe at least the social psych invites have gone out
  19. Sign up for the SANS listserv (social affective neuroscience society)....I got like 10 emails this week from them asking for people to send graduating undergrads their way for lab manager/RA positions (but be warned, a good chunk are in Europe, mainly UK)
  20. I think you're talking about the so-called 'professional psych' schools....ones where you get a degree that you pay for (i.e., the Chicago School of Professional Psychology)...you can get a masters or doctorate but there is a charge for tuition and you don't get a stipend. The schools are not always accredited (red flag). If that is what you're talking about, then I'd be very cautious. Traditional doctoral programs look at those programs with some suspicion (may be a certain level of elitism in there but it is what it is....if the school is not accredited, then I'd say there is good reason
  21. In that case the phone interview is probably a chance for the prof to ask you if you'd still want to come to the school if he/she was your advisor and not the people you listed in your application. Your POIs may not be taking someone or have invited others, but the prof thinks you'd be a good fit in his/her lab, and is now trying to gauge your interest and see if you really do have a good fit.
  22. First I'd decide if you have a clear preference for one or the other...if you do, call the lesser-preferred one and try to reschedule. If they're about equal in your mind, I'd send your POI at the visiting weekend school that you have been offered an interview the same weekend and if it would be possible to come another time. The thing is that you'll miss out on meeting the rest of the cohort, and any activities like tour of campus/town/apartments or getting to sit in on colloquium/brownbag/etc. You probably would also miss out on meeting other faculty in depth (I actually recall OSU's visit
  23. Not necessarily--don't give up hope yet! Plenty of programs don't contact til February, and not all do interviews. Wait list offers are made right up until late April.
  24. I meant that some schools that don't interview but have a visiting weekend will make offers and invite those students to visit (already accepted but as a way to woo them into picking that school). Only people offered a place before the visit will be accepted--no new offers later. However, (to answer your question) if you're invited to visit and choose NOT to attend the visiting weekend, they won't withdraw your offer....but I can't see a good reason to select a program you didn't bother going to the visiting weekend for if invited. If you got 2 invites to visit schools on the same weekend, te
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