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  1. I also emailed a private practice near my university to volunteer! They ended up letting me observe a lot for an entire summer and ended up giving me a job as well! Before them, I had emailed nursing homes to see if they needed volunteers and in exchange I could shadow. I didn't end up doing it but some places were down!
  2. jlSLP

    GRE advice

    I used a lot of the websites free practice tests. Every site has a free one or multiple. Kaplan, Magoosh, princeton, review, manhattan review, and ETS. That way you don't have to pay but they can analyze your results and tell you where you need to improve. I also found it helpful to just get used to taking such a long test, get used to the types of questions, and build the stamina. I also used the free magoosh vocabulary app! It's really helpful and you can verse other people which makes it competitive and fun! I used this app after I took the GRE a first time! I used it a bit everyday and increased my verbal score by 5 points! I also used the Kaplan book which was really helpful. If you're short on time there's also a princeton review GRE crashcourse book that still has a lot of helpful info!
  3. jlSLP

    How did you pick

    It was sooo hard for me to decide! I had a mix of really expensive, cheap, and in the middle schools. I ended up picking a school in the middle even though the really expensive one was my dream school. I couldn't bring myself to pay so much when your salary is basically the same no matter where you go to school! I picked the middle priced school over the cheaper priced ones because I also factored in being in a location that would make me happy
  4. I feel similar except I'm lie did I make the right decision? And am second guessing myself!! but I think you shouldn't be nervous about your choice!! be happy yes!! Any school is lucky to have you and if they accepted you they def wanted you
  5. jlSLP

    George Washington University SLP

    I accepted too! Idk if there is one or not yet!
  6. jlSLP

    George Washington University SLP

    Thats super nice to hear!! Grad students at where I go to my undergrad always say they feel overwhelmed! Have you committed? I'm still struggling with my decision haha
  7. jlSLP


    It was nice! The faculty was really friendly! The clinic is in their basement and it was decent! It's pretty dark but has lot of rooms and supplies!
  8. jlSLP

    George Washington University SLP

    Yeah that's a much better size haha! I really like that they offer the different tracks per semester because I've never heard of that before! But I'm hesitant to commit without having seen the clinic
  9. jlSLP

    George Washington University SLP

    This is super helpful, thank you!!! Did you/anyone also happen to ask about the large cohort size?
  10. jlSLP

    George Washington University SLP

    Did anyone visit? Did you like the clinic? I cant find any pictures or anything online!
  11. I did my undergrad at UIUC and also was accepted here! Personally, I hate the weather here and wish I could move to California! I've heard schools there are extremely competitive! With the cheaper cost, the weather, and the support system you already have there I think I would stay there if I were you!! UIUC does have a great program but it's really hard to get assistantships in the department!
  12. jlSLP

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    Declining at George Washington University, UIUC, UW-Milwaukee, St. Xavier, Governors State. Deciding between SLU and Northwestern but will be declining one of those once I decide! Hope this helps!
  13. jlSLP

    Northwestern University

    we're supposed to tomorrow!
  14. jlSLP

    Northwestern University

    Sure! My stats were 3.83 GPA, 154 verbal, 150 Quant, 4.5 writing. I was worried my GRE was a little low compared to their stats but I'm also in 2 research labs and work at a private practice. I know everyone says this but I would really recommend taking the summer to study a lot for the GRE. I slacked on studying originally and ended up taking it twice. When I studied a little bit every day for my second go at it, I went up 5 points! The magoosh vocab app was my favorite thing for that!!
  15. jlSLP

    Northwestern University

    I feel the same! The clinic was jaw dropping and the campus is gorgeous! The faculty is also amazing too! I just don't want to be in debt for so long! I'll have to listen to my gut too

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