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  1. jlSLP

    UW-Milwaukee Funding Decisions

    The website said that their open house will have more information about assistantships. Did you attend any of the open house sessions yet? I'm planning to go and hoping to get more information but I'd really like to know about it before visiting! I wonder if we would find out before the April 15th deadline since it would influence my decision!
  2. jlSLP


    I haven't seen anything really about the SLP program at SLU in the forum and was wondering if anyone knew more about the program or the saint louis area or is a current/past student? Also if anyone knew more about the assistantships and how likely it is to get it // when we would find out about that by!! I would really appreciate anyy info!!!
  3. jlSLP

    Northwestern University

    Very true!! I also got in to UIUC and it's basically half the cost. But Northwestern is kind of a dream school! I just don't know if I want to be in debt for years and years! Also, even with the highest scholarship they offer, the cost is still higher than many schools. I'm worried I won't get any funding anyways since almost everyone that gets accepted has good/similar GRE scores and GPAs!
  4. I'm super excited to have been accepted here but am kinda panicking about the tuition. Northwestern was my top choice but I'm not sure I want to be in that much debt! But I also don't want to regret not going since it was my top choice!! Anyone else feeling the same or know how current/past students are managing to pay?
  5. I was just wondering if anyone knew of benefits of doing a program that starts in the summer. Like if you start in the summer, you'd finish a bit earlier than those in programs that start in the fall. Could this potentially be a benefit/give you a leg up when applying for fellowships? Trying to decide between schools and some have different start dates and was wondering if anyone knew anything about this! :)
  6. This may be cheesy but I don't think people who aren't in the field know what an accomplishment it really is to get in to a program!! For years I've been scared of not getting in anywhere because of everyone in my classes always talking about how competitive it is. And waiting for so long after submitting apps was awful!! It's a huge relief to have acceptances and I'm really happy!! I feel like people don't hear it enough but getting accepted is a big deal and I'm proud of all my fellow speeches!! I'm proud of myself and proud of everyone that has had acceptances and will in the near future!! We did it!! And good luck to everyone as more schools send out their decisions!! ❤️
  7. Does anyone really know how loan forgiveness works? Is it only in certain states? Is it only loans through FAFSA? I have no idea how any of it works and am having trouble finding more information on it! If anyone has more knowledge on this topic I'd love to hear it I'm still waiting to hear back from all my schools (and am dying waiting) and am trying to be proactive with this and distract myself from the non-stop email checks I've been doing!

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