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  1. I got an email from McGill but I can't access uApply as there is scheduled maintenance. So frustrating. I'm sure it's a rejection but it would be nice to have the closure.
  2. I was rejected too. Oh well. It stings but I still have 4 schools to hear from.
  3. Maybe a dumb question but if we aren't invited for an interview tomorrow that inevitably means we have been rejected from McMaster, correct? Do they let people know if they were denied an interview?
  4. Hey everyone! Best of luck to each and every one of you! This is my 3rd year applying but my 1st year applying to schools other than ualberta. This year I'm applying to ualberta as well as Western, McMaster, McGill, and Dalhousie. I'm curious about Dalhousie - do they mail a letter of acceptance/rejection or is it via email? And when do offers typically go out for them? I couldnt find this info on their website. Thank you in advance!
  5. This will be my third year applying! My first two years I only applied to one school but this year I'm applying to multiple. I'm really focused and determined to get into a program so I just keep trying every year and opening up my options!
  6. Hey! Where is everyone applying? I'm applying to Ualberta, Western, Dal, McMaster, and McGill! Anyone submitted their apps already yet?
  7. Last year I had the same problem, I never got a notice or anything and it was June and I said to someone that I hadn't heard anything. They told me to go check on the portal and then they posted my rejection letter. It was dated April 14th.
  8. I still haven't heard back. Really close to losing hope. Sorry to be so negative!! But I am really happy for all of those who have gotten in, it is well deserved.
  9. Hey everyone! This is my second time applying at the UofA. I went in feeling awfully discouraged from being rejected last year but I took some online courses to boost my GPA as well as added another volunteer position to my resume. I really hope this is the year. Good luck to everyone and congrats to those who have been accepted!
  10. I'm in the exact same boat as you! Waiting to hear back from UofA... the anxiety is going to kill me. My plan if I was rejected was to apply for special student status at the UofA to take courses & boost my GPA but the deadline to apply is soon approaching. That being said I emailed the department and asked when I would find out for the previously mentioned reason. I figured I'd be less pesky if I had a good reason for wanting to know my decision. I will keep you updated when I hear back from them! I'm on my last thin shred of hope...
  11. Me too I'm losing more and more hope every day. And I doubt they'd send anything on the weekend. I read on here that someone talked to admin and they said if you didn't find out by April 1st it doesn't mean you didn't get in but that's not giving me very much hope unfortunately. I can't wait any longer!
  12. Sigh...still nothing from UofA... they're really behind this year it seems. Anyone else sitting extremely anxiously waiting to hear back?
  13. It seems nobody else has heard since the first wave of acceptances went out last Thursday. I just want to know! If I didn't get accepted at least let me know don't drag it out!! Or if I'm waitlisted!
  14. Anyone hear from U of A today? I think the feeling of not knowing is worse than being rejected...
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