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  1. Well, at least this wait seems to have ended finally! Guess the waitlist continues to be so unless the applicant is willing to take on the Tuition only fellowship.
  2. I didn't get an official update yet, though I emailed the head of the adcomm a few weeks ago and he told me my application was rejected. I'd advise you to write the coordinator requesting an update.
  3. I've also been waitlisted! If anyone on here got an admit and isn't going to take it, please let them know? CUNY is my top choice and I'm quite disappointed right now. Does anyone know how this works usually, though? Do people manage to get off the waitlist with GCF? If yes, how many and how many of those would be international students?
  4. Both were socio-cultural. And don't lose hope! I'm sure you'll hear positively soon!
  5. Ugh, I feel you! It is my top choice as well! Hope we both get in! And I'm sorry, I 'm not sure. I'd hazard a guess of maybe 20-25? (This is only a guess, pliss not to panic anybody - I know I would if I saw this!) P.S: Anyone waiting on NYU should hear over this week as well, I mailed the adcomm head. Though I was rejected, best of luck to you guys out here! Also, don't panic if they haven't reached out yet, I don't think that's necessarily the case for NYU to do interviews/early acceptances.
  6. @perpetualalligator, I believe GC might be sending out the first set of decisions the coming week. Apparently, they follow a rolling process, so if a student turns down the admit/funding, it gets offered to the next in line - which means that their decisions could go on till even April, according to a former student member of the adcomm.
  7. Thanks for your responses! I have not been contacted by any faculty at CUNY, though I already spoke to them before applications and hence wasn't sure how to read the situation.
  8. People who have been shortlisted by CUNY, have you also been contacted by faculty, apart from adcomm? Any idea when we'll hear back? Also, have any socio-cultural applicants been contacted by NYU? Seems to be radio silence from the department according to the results page as well.
  9. Hey! I completely sympathize with you with the whole time-zone issues. Worldtimebuddy has been my best friend this whole time, honestly. I've applied to Socio-cultural track and it's been a long roller-coaster, with some places wanting to focus on S. Asia and others already having too many South-Asian-ists.
  10. @Maric Thanks, I am just going to go ahead and not hope about Penn anymore. All the best and hope you get an update from both places soon!
  11. As far as I know, Austin sent out both Acceptances and Rejects a little while back. Maybe the Waitlist isn't out yet? The PI I applied to said they considered lower admissions this year. Could you tell me if you had an interview with Penn and when you got to know about the waiting list? Would you know if they've reached out to everyone already? Still haven't received any kind of update from them.
  12. Thank you, that sounds like a good idea, I'll try to see if that could work.
  13. @civitas, @Bschaefer and @AP, thanks for your inputs! It's extremely helpful. Let me also clarify that when I say undergrad, I refer to my Masters GPA . Since it was an integrated course, I only had one cumulative GPA at the end of five years, and thus was concerned, especially given that I'm shifting disciplines into Anthro.
  14. I'm an international student with 2 years of work experience and an Integrated (UG+PG) MA in Development Studies, applying to US schools for a PhD in Anthropology. I feel the weak link in my profile is my undergrad GPA and I'm not sure what to do about it. II was in an inter-disciplinary programme and had to take compulsory courses in Economics and I ended up choosing a quant-heavy minor as well, which really brought my GPA down. These courses don't matter to Anthro, I guess and schools that I'm applying to have repeatedly mentioned that it's only one aspect of the application. But it still worries me. How does one address low GPA in undergrad as part of the application? I am choosing not to write this out in my Statement, but is there anywhere else I can talk about it, and even if I do, what do I say?
  15. As far as I know, you can request for the scores to be sent once your AW Scores are also available - that should be about 2 weeks from when you take the test.
  16. Hello, I have a similar problem, though it's for my third recommender. (Applying for a PhD in Anthropology, an international student with an MA in Development Studies). I guess I'm also freaking out because of the insane condition that some schools have that all 3 recommenders be Doctorates. I graduated 2 years back and have held one full time job since, that I quit exactly a year ago. Since then, I've done short term consulting projects for 2 different places. I just started working at a full-time job again this week. While I wrote to my last full-time boss earlier this week, she hasn't responded or picked up my calls. She is known to be quite unresponsive until the deadline, however she hasn't accepted or declined my request and that really worries me. She's the only supervisor I've worked with for a considerable period of time after graduation, though an Economist who works in public policy. She holds a PhD from one of the schools I'm applying to and I guess that would really help atleast there. I also reached out to another supervisor (she's an architect) from my recent project, who has also not responded. But I believe she is travelling. Though I worked with her for about 3 months for this assignment, I've known her for about two years and have been a regular contributor to her firm's research blog. I don't think it's a good idea to ask a letter from my newest supervisor, because it's been only a week. This is a research organization and she too, holds a Doctorate. My final option is to ask a professor from my old department (both my other referees are old professors too, one was my Supervisor and the other person is an expert in my area of interest). The person I have in mind is someone that I share a very cordial relationship with and we've been in touch and on good terms over the last two year. However, he taught me only one course (which is closely allied to my research interest) and knew me outside the classroom for my other volunteering activities on campus. However, this would mean that all my referees are only from my college days and do not speak to my professional acumen. Please give your suggestions and feedback guys! I'm in a conundrum and have no idea what to do!
  17. Wow! This is fantastic! I did something similar, but without the ranking system. Thanks for this, really!
  18. You might want to check out Northwestern, NYU (amazing work on stratification and urban poverty) & Wisconsin Madison (fantastic environment socio department). While I cannot comment on your suitability, I'm sure that given your current stats (I'm assuming you're an American student) and hopefully a good GRE, you will be pretty safe.
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