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  1. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Hey @smntoronto I currently go to the University of Waterloo and I am taking all the BSW prerequisites so that I can apply to the 10 month BSW program as a backup (in case I don't get into an MSW program). This link provides a pretty good outline of the admission requirements for the BSW program: There are 10 prerequisite courses required to apply to the program, I would e-mail the admissions office to see if your school offers courses that are equivalent to the prerequisite courses. Some of my friends didn't have the prerequisite courses but were able to receive conditional admission into the program, and then they took a year to take the required courses (they were admitted into the program after they completed the courses with a 75% average). From my understanding, the social work program at waterloo is more health-focused (I know the MSW is in the Faculty of Health Sciences, but I think the BSW is in the Faculty of Arts). A lot of my professors have also told me that the BSW program at uWaterloo also has really good placement partners within the community. For MSW, I haven't started any applications yet but I think I will be applying to Wilfrid Laurier University and possibly one more MSW program.
  2. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Hey! @smntoronto That's awesome, I am actually interested in going into hospital/ medical social work so I think the program would be a good fit for me. I spoke to some advisors and professors in my faculty at uWaterloo and most of them have graduated from Laurier and highly recommend the program. I am also considering continuing my studies at uWaterloo and doing the 10 month BSW program followed by the 1 year MSW program. Although, I am interested in research and for some reason our graduate program doesn't allow for research, even though I am doing an honours thesis in social work at an undergraduate level (doesn't make much sense to me why research-based courses are only available to undergrads and not graduate programs).
  3. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Hey everyone, It's also my first time on this forum. I am currently in the Social Development Studies (Social Work Specialization) program at uWaterloo. I am going to be applying to the 10-month BSW program for Fall 2018. I was also looking into applying to Laurier for their 2 year MSW program. I was wondering if anyone knew how competitive these programs are and the admission GPA. Thanks!