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  1. StatHopeful

    UNC Chapel Hill 2018

    Also starting in Chapel Hill this Fall!
  2. StatHopeful

    MS stats: UWM free vs Duke paid

    I would advise you to take a funded MS offer at a 30-50 rank institution over paying 120k for a 'top-tier' MS any day. You're talking about UWM, an elite program in its own right. Assuming you only have 20k in debt now and all of your debt was on a subsidized Stafford (impossible but way better situation than anything you could end up in), at a 4% rate you'd be making essentially a mortgage payment for ten years. It's also important to note that the mountain of debt you're going to have coming out of Duke is going to pay a huge role in consideration of PhD's on the way out. Being as financially free as possible will allow you to select the department where you'll be happy and do your best work. There's no way I'd recommend going to Duke in this scenario.
  3. Not many people here do anything in Applied Math, it's mainly stat related. Try: http://www.mathematicsgre.com/
  4. I'm headed to UNC for Biostat PhD in the Fall, and I would tell you without question to take the UT offer. It's not worth the debt. If the masters is your terminal degree, and especially if you plan on staying in TX, there is just too much demand for biostatisticians for many companies to only select the top schools as pipelines. As long as you prove yourself and do good work/projects at UT, you won't be at a (significant) disadvantage -- definitively not $50k worth.
  5. StatHopeful

    Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    @GoPackGo89 On Michigan, same as your friend for me.
  6. StatHopeful

    Statistics PhD Profile Evaluation

    Just to add something to the decision: I think @bayessays is right, that you should replace some of the lower programs on your list with some of those mid-ranged ones. That said, I'm not sure UGA has funding issues. I just returned from a visit day, and I know there were 5 students domestically who had been funded and were able to attend while there an additional 7 internationals who had received funding. IIRC they have had a few students begin the program without funding and picked it up after the first year. It seems that hardly any of these funded students are on the results page, however. If you really like UGA's research or want it for some other reason (location, known a professor, etc) then it wouldn't be horrible to apply. I think you'd probably get funding there.
  7. StatHopeful

    Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Has anyone heard anything from UMich Biostat? There's a random phone acceptance on the results page. Wasn't sure if acceptances were starting to trickle out.
  8. StatHopeful

    Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    Thanks to everyone for the congratulations. @MATHSSSSRR Biostats, sorry I should have clarified!
  9. StatHopeful

    Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    @Woolworth thankfully yes!
  10. StatHopeful

    Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    UNC sent email this morning. They seem to send a big batch over a few days starting around this time.
  11. StatHopeful

    Fall 2018 Statistics Applicant Thread

    @Catsharknado Checking Lexie122's post history, she's interested in MS programs and is international, so both of those may have played a role in an earlier decision.
  12. StatHopeful

    7-8 years work exp before a PhD

    @confused_girl Welcome! First off, most people here are not too familiar with applied math. Despite its title, this board tends to be predominantly stat applicants/faculty, so a lot of people will not be able to answer your questions really accurately, me included. A great resource for you would be http://www.mathematicsgre.com/ . This is a site seems to swing pure math, but it's going to be a bit closer to what you're looking for. That said, take my advice with a grain of salt. In my research over the past two years or so, applied math and engineering programs tends to be pretty closely related (often in the same college with pure math departments in another college), so I don't think your engineering degrees will hurt you too much compared to pure math applicants. With your lack of math, most programs are going to evaluate you based upon your Subject GRE test to be the indicator of how strong you are. If you score highly, I would think you'd be fine. All the best!
  13. StatHopeful

    Phd Profile Eval (stat or biostat)

    I'm an applicant applying for the Fall 2018 cycle, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Right now you're in a tough situation since you are aiming at a downward trend, especially in some of the core classes that the programs are going to be looking for. If you haven't taken your exam yet, study hard to get that B in analysis, that's going to be a bigger deal than a lot of other things on your profile. Try and pick up some more difficult courses (MATH4410 Lesbegue Integral, is going to be difficult but also well worth your time -- an A in this course will remedy some doubt committees with have in your ability). For some of the mid-tier to lower level schools, introduction to statistics is going to be important to making your application competitive. Pick up a regression analysis course and a course/sequence in mathematical statistics. On a personal note, if you're finding real or complex to be difficult at UGA, there's likely some holes in your math background that are causing you to struggle. An introduction to advanced mathematics book can really help to find and fill those gaps. It's probably too late for this semester, but the skills required in those courses are going to be crucial for graduate success. Depending on what happens in the spring and fall, and your research interests, I recommend you look into programs at: Purdue, Ohio State, Florida State (stat or biostat), South Carolina, UGA, and VA Tech. It sounds like you're on the fence a bit about doing a PhD to begin with, and that's not something that mixes super well with the high workload and low pay. Look into Iowa State and Colorado State, where you may have chances for funding as a Master's student. All in all, you can easily climb into some top 20 schools with some relative success this semester and some grinding in the next two. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
  14. Hi Brack5, I'm a student applying for programs this year, so take my advice with a grain of salt. I think you have a decent shot at most of the programs you listed. Indiana is probably a very high chance of getting a slot. I think Michigan especially would be very difficult to crack. Your biggest shortcoming is a lack of upper-level mathematics courses, not statistics. If possible, try and take an advanced calculus (real analysis) class in your next semester, it will help a lot with the coursework you'll see in your first few semesters of graduate school. I'd mention this briefly in a personal statement just to eliminate some doubt in the committee's mind. You may also look into Biostatistics programs. The mathematics background expectation will be a bit lower, and your chemistry background will give some weight to your profile if you have experience in analytical chemistry. There are some top-notch programs at Minnesota and Michigan, if you're looking to stay around Big 10 country. Hope that helps!

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