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  1. I have completed 5 undergraduate courses from Harvard Extension School(3 in CS, 2 in Math) and scored A's in all of them. As a result, some of the professors from Harvard University's CS department have agreed to write an LOR for me. Would this provide me with any advantage over getting LOR's from professors of my undergrad institution, which is a pretty average college. Note that I am an international student who would like to apply for MS CS/DS programs.
  2. Hey there, I applied for the NYU GSAS MS CS program and got rejected, but I have been admitted to the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. I had some questions that I hope somebody can answer. I wanted to know if, while attending Tandon, I can get some opportunities to attend classes in machine learning at Courant, and maybe contribute to the research being done by the professors at NYU Courant. Also, I would like to know if there is any protocol or chance that I can shift from Tandon to Courant. Any help would be appreciated :). Regards,
  3. Can somebody give me some feedback about the quality of the SOP. I would like to apply to NYU by the end of this week. SOP - Link Personal Statement - Link
  4. Hey, I have good LOR's from two professors. Both of them are active in their area of research, but none of them are particularly famous. I am applying to NYU so I am not applying to Columbia. Do you think Pennsylvania State and USC are more feasible?
  5. I am applying for MS CS for the fall 2018 session. I am confused about which university I should choose from these four options - Columbia, Gatech, USC and Pennsylvania. My primary interest is in the are of machine learning and AI. Here are my stats - University - JIIT Noida Sector 62 CGPA - 6.8/10 (My mother was admitted due to some illness for 3 years during my college, so there is a steady decline in grades, and the trend is apparent in my transcripts. Amounts to approx 74%) GRE - 323(Q:165, V:158, AWA: 4.0) TOEFL - 107 Resume - RESUME_Final.pdf Can somebody guide me and give me some realistic chances of acceptance. I am leaning towards Columbia and Gatech, but I don't have any knowledge of their acceptance rates. Regards, Piyush Kathuria
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